Welsh Baby Names - Page 1

Welsh Names for Boy        Welsh Names for Girl
AderynGirl Bird
Aeron Boy Girl Berry
Aeron Boy Girl
AeronwenGirl White Fair Blessed

AeronwyGirl River
AfanenGirl Raspberry
AfonBoy Girl River
AlainBoy French form of Alan Fox Deer Stag Fawn Beautiful Harmonious
AledBoy Offspring
AlisGirl Defender of Mankind Helper
AlwynBoy Noble Friend
AndrasBoy Full of Pride Bright
AndreasBoy Brave Of a Man Warrior Masculine Manly
AneirinBoy Noble
AneurinBoy Man of Honour Gold
AngharadGirl More Love
AnwenGirl Very Beautiful
ArianrhodGirl Silver Wheel
ArthurBoy Noble Bear Rock Noble Strength Stone
BedivereBoy Grave Knower
BeliBoy From Bell Stomach
BerwynBoy White Head
BethanGirl The Ensnarer One who Snares Traps Bound Husband
BevanBoy Son Of EVAN
BleddynBoy Wolf
BlodeuweddGirl Face Of Flowers
BlodeuynGirl Flower
BlodwenGirl White Flowers
Bran Boy Raven
BranwenGirl Beautiful Raven
BriallenGirl Primrose
BrinBoy Bright Fame Strange Foreign
BronGirl Brown Dark Brown One's Son Son of the Brown Man Fair Bosomed
BronwenGirl Breast
BronwynGirl Bright Fame
BrynBoy Hill Mound
BrynmorBoy Great Hill

CadellBoy Battle
CadfaelBoy Battle Prince
CadfanBoy Battle Peak
CadiGirl Rhythm Rhythmic Flow of Sounds Pure Variant of Cady
CadocBoy Battle
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