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Posted on: December 28th, 2017by Casey Anderson

H. G. Wells is a well named author that is often cited as one of the 'fathers of science fiction.' Though he did write other genres, that's what he became known for. Even those who don't read usually recognize his name. If nothing else but for the radio show adapted of The War of the Worlds. This episode of radio drama from 1938 was cited as causing panic across the land, as listeners believed the alien invasion was actual news and not just a story.

This is a man that could make headlines. He could create worlds and characters like a mad scientist. This is something worth honoring even if his genre maybe wasn't your favorite.

So, if you like the idea of naming your kid after someone with a talent and imagination like his, read on for some great ideas pulled from his books.

From The Time Machine:

Hillyer An unconventional name to be sure, but an interesting one. It seems odd to read it but try saying it out loud. It has a nice ring to it and sounds very much like a good name, my first thought is boy, but I'm sure it could go for a woman as well. It's actually the last name of the narrator of The Time Machine, who happens to be the only one that seems to believe the Time Traveler's story.

Weena She is a special friend of the Time Traveler in the same book. Weena is usually a nick name, used for both Josephina and Edwina. We think it's such a cute name that would also grow well with a little girl.

From The Invisible Man:

Griffin Griffin is the invisible man in this book. He is the humanized form of science without the check of humanity. He may not be a great guy, but it's a great name. Griffin means 'a fierce person.' It represents someone bold and strong as well as intelligent.

Kemp A rare name nowadays, but it means 'an athlete or sports person.' It would definitely be an original for your child. Doctor Kemp in the book is an old colleague of Griffin's, and plays something of the moral compass. (I don't want to give away the book.) So this is a good and talented guy, a great namesake.

The Island of Doctor Moreau

Edward Edward means 'wealthy guard' and is a fairly common name. Here it represents Edward Prendick, the narrator and protagonist of this story. He is to represent the reader themselves immersed in the story, reacting in the same way we would react.

Montgomery Montgomery means either 'strong man's mountain' or 'mountain of strong man,' little difference really. But it's an interesting and sophisticated sounding name. Kind of sounds like old money. Montgomery in the story is Moreau's assistant.

The War of the Worlds

Henderson This name means 'Henry's son.' It's commonly a surname but has been used as a first name. Henderson in the novel has a small part; basically he's a journalist who exists to be killed by the alien invaders. This lets us know how serious they are, and how scary! So, a small but important role for Henderson.

Kipps: The Story of a Simple Soul

Arthur Arthur has debated meaning, but it is said to be of Celtic origin, with the most likely meanings being 'bear' and 'stone.' Arthur or Artie is the main character of Kipps. He's an orphan who discovers unexpectedly that he is the grandchild of a wealthy person and has inherited a great fortune.

Ann Ann means 'gracious and merciful.' It's a simple but beautiful name. It's spelled a variety of ways, this being the shortest. Ann in the book is Artie's first love interest, whom he forgets for a time while chasing money and status. Ultimately though his love for her is reignited. This is a perfect, classic name for any girl.


Marion Marion means 'rebellious.' Marion is the first love of the main character in Tono-Bungay, whom he marries. It is said to be a semi-autographical book of Wells. While the Marion character may not be the best, the lessons of her and impact of her in the story are worth noting. Plus, it's just a beautiful name.

Effie Effie is a diminutive of Euphemia, which in Greek means 'good speaker.' The name Euphemia is extremely rare nowadays but Effie is enjoying a slow resurgence. Possibly due to The Hunger Games character. Here it represents our protagonist's second love, whom he leaves Marion for. Effie is such a fun name; I can't imagine anyone not liking a little girl named Effie.

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