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Posted on: July 18th, 2017\""by Ruth Fitzpatrick

To be on the Z-list might be the worst place to be if you’re a celebrity, but for a name? Z-names are super snazzy and jazzy! The fact that there aren’t many common Z-names to choose from, automatically make them more unique and exotic and the initial-Z sound has a really pleasing resonance. Here are some of our favorites – for both the boyz and the girlz – which will sound elegant and attractive, unique, without sounding too eccentric!

The Boyz Names

Zane Though it might look ultra-modern, Zane is a Semitic variant of John and means ‘God is gracious. The Arabic Zayn has seen a recent surge in popularity, thanks in no small part to superstar, Zayn Malik.

Zeb We like this short, simple name, and it is a lot more approachable and friendly than the ancient Biblical names it’s derived from: Zebediah and Zebulon.

Zaiden This name is a modern invention which is frequently used as a zany substitute for Aiden ofr Jaiden.

Zach One of many diminutives of the always popular Zachary, which also includes Zak and Zac. It means ‘the Lord is remembered, and for a more unique variant try the Italian Zacheo.

Zander Both Zander (#261) and Xander (#201) are proving to be rising alternatives to the super popular original, Alexander (#11). Zandro is a more unique and exotic choice again.

Zeo Zeo is a modern invented name, but it sounds ancient and rich with meaning.

Zel Zel and Zell are modern invented names, but we like them for their sonorous sound. Could conceivably be a diminutive for the slightly stuffy Ezekiel.

Zevon The surname of musician Warren Zevon, this name could be a good choice for fans of the icon, or for parents looking for an alternative to Kevin or Devon.

Zephrin Zephrin is the much more accessible variant of Zephyr. It means ‘west wind’ in Greek, and an ancient god of the same name appeared in a number of mythological tales. It sounds light and breezy, and has a wonderful origin to brag about.

Zed This name might sound a little final but could become the next Zak! It’s the diminutive of the Old Testament name Zedekiah, which means ‘the Lord is just’.

The Girlz Names

Zara This exotic sounding name was given the royal seal of approval in the 80s, when the queen of England’s grand-daughter was bestowed this sweet name. It was an apt choice too: one of Zara’s meanings is ‘princess’.

Zarya Zarya was an ancient Slavic goddess of beauty, a 19th century opera, and even the name of a Soviet space rocket! This makes it an all-round wonderful choice, whether for your princess, music lover, or future space explorer!

Zaneta This Russian variant of Janet sounds so much more melodic and alluring than the original. It means ‘God’s gracious gift’, and we’d love to see it make an impact here in the States.

Zelia This really cute name means ‘zealous, ardent’ in Hebrew. It has been virtually unheard of in the US, but wouldn’t seem too out of place, especially given its similarity to Delia and Celia.

Zandra Similar to Zander, Zandra is the diminutive to Alexandra. It sounds funkier than Cassandra while still maintaining its classic elegance.

Zakia Pronounced za-KEE-a, this name has Hebrew and Arabic origins and means ‘pure’. Could be time to bring some of that Zachary-popularity over to the girls!

Zaferina Zaferina looks like it might be the glamorous cousin to Serafina, but in fact it shares its origins with the boy’s name Zephrin. Derived from that Greek west wind, Zaferina is a Spanish name with a huge amount of character and charm.

Zahara Zahara has immense multicultural appeal. It means ‘to shine’ in Hebrew and ‘flower’ in Swahili, and is a reminder of the Saharan Desert. It is a truly beautiful name that sounds light and airy.

Zadie A spelling variant of Sadie, this name was made famous by the novelist Zadie Smith. Both Zadie and Sadie are diminutives of Sarah, and mean ‘princess’.

Zoraida Pronounced zo-RYE-duh, this Arabic name might be more accessible spelled Zarida. Zoraida has a fascinating history, and was the name of a 12th century Spanish Moor saint, and a character in the epic novel, Don Quixote.

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