Tree Names Not Just For Hippies

Posted on: August 8th, 2017\""by Casey Anderson

Nature names aren’t just for hippies anymore! Baby names based off natural things and places in nature are becoming more popular all the time. We all want our baby’s name to be perfect. There are so many other kids out there; we want our child’s name to be unique, but not ridiculed. So we start looking for inspiration everywhere!

Something that we think is under used and underappreciated are tree names! Trees are beautiful, required for life on earth and such a large part of every cultural. What better choice of inspiration! You can base it off a tree native to where you come from, or just one you like. Here are some of our favorite options:


Apple This adorable name became popular when Gwyneth Paltrow named her daughter this. Some may think it’s crazy, but we love it! How wholesome and sweet sounding! If you want your daughter to be the Apple of your eye, this is an excellent choice.

Aspen A beautiful and unique name. The tree has heart shaped leaves which gives towards this being used as a girl’s name. However it has been used for boys as well. We think it’s great either way. It sounds like someone everyone wants to be.

Canela This is a Spanish cinnamon tree, while the name Cinnamon has been used; we much prefer this pretty alternative. Canela sounds like a lovely spicy girl who can’t be held back from what she wants.

Laurel This gentle natural name dates all the way back to ancient Rome, where laurel wreaths were made to signify success and peace. Not a common practice now but the name Laurel does sound peaceful. It’s still rather rare but not unheard of.

Cassia This tree has beautiful golden flowers that seem to cascade down the branches. We think the tree and the name are equally lovely. It makes us thinking of a girl spinning and twirling her way gracefully through life.

Jasmine Jasmine is known as a shrub but can be made to grow in tree form. Its simple white flowers give off the most wonderful fragrance that is used in many perfumes. This is a natural name that exudes beauty.

Rosewood This might sound strange but we like the combination of words here. The wood has a sweet smell and a hued coloring. It’s actually considered an endangered tree. Rose is a rather common name now, but still beautiful. We think using the name Rosewood makes your little girl’s name rare and lovely.

Juniper This is an exciting up and coming name, growing in popularity fast. It just sounds so now! Juniper plants were mentioned in the Old Testament and have been used for various representations ever since. One of which is chastity. We love this name!


Ash The name Ash by itself is somewhat new to popularity. It’s typically used for boys but could just as easily go for girls. There are tons of names that Ash is a nickname for, but we like the idea of using it by itself. Sounds mysterious.

Bay This short and punchy boy’s name is one of our new favorites. It’s the kind of name you remember. It’s not unheard of for a girl but is more popular with boys. It sounds like a cool kid name to me.

Birch This one is based of a tree with a very appealing bark. It’s quite handsome. The Birch tree is spiritually significant in many cultures. We think it makes for a strong boy’s name. It’s beautiful yet hardy, useful and decorative. It’s a great tree and nature based name.

Cedar This name is becoming trendy but is still not in excessive use. Cedar is a strong wood, even mentioned as so in the Bible. It is commonly used for boys but can also be a girls name. It has a strong and reliable feel to it.

Durian This unique namesake tree comes from a Malay-Indonesian word for “spike.” The durian is considered the king of fruit in many Asian countries. It’s powerful and resilient. It’s definitely a unique fruit and we think it makes for a great and uncommon name for your little boy.

Linden This verdant shade tree was a popular name for boys many years ago. It is making the climb again. It’s a sturdy tree that lives a long time. The name sounds sophisticated and classy. Linden would be a guy everyone wants to know.

Joshua Ok so this name is not usually associated with trees, but if you’ve never seen a Joshua Tree, you don’t know what you’re missing. They are interesting trees that seem to reach to the sky in an original way. They thrive in a very limited desert environment where many things can not. We think this is a great choice of namesake for your little boy.

Rimu This is a hardy tree, slow growing with spiral leaves. It is natural range is only in New Zealand. It’s very popular for structure building. We think this makes Rimu a great strong name for your boy. It’s also a Japanese name that means “plum dream” which is cool, but not related to the tree. We think this is a good choice!

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