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Posted on: July 30th, 2017\""by Ruth Fitzpatrick

Is your little boy going to be a future head banger? Your little girl, a rock princess? Or do you just want them to have a REALLY good taste in music (just like their mom and dad?)? Maybe you just want something unique that will make them stand out from the crowd, or something they can aspire to. Regardless of your motivations, we're sure you're going to love some of these rocking names!

Drummer Maybe not quite a classically rock 'n' roll name, but definitely an awesome occupation name and perfect for a future rhythm genius! Even if you secretly hope they'll take up a quieter hobby in the future, this super unique name is fantastic: it sounds soft, but its meaning is powerful and booming. And it can definitely be used as a unisex name.

Elvis We think you should generally stay away from mega-superstars' names: they have way too much baggage. Still, we think enough time has no probably past to start using Elvis. Its exact mean is unknown, but it's thought to have an Irish origin. Or get inspiration from another rock legend, Elvis Costello. Costello is an Irish surname that means 'from England', and definitely has the potential to be used as a first name today.

Jagger In case Mick is too run of the mill for you, there's always Jagger! It is another occupation name, meaning 'carter', and it is definitely WAY cooler than the current boys' #26 – and girls' #454 – Carter. It does have a slightly sharp edge to it, but this might just increase its appeal!

Dylan Or Bob. Not just a singer-songwriter, but now also a Nobel Prize laureate, a Bob Dylan inspired name would definitely give your little girl or boy something to aspire to. Dylan means 'son of the sea' in Welsh and was the 32nd most popular name for newborn boys last year in the US. It's now also pretty well established as a girl's name too, and last year made it into the top 400.

Duran If Dylan is not unique for your little one-in-a-million, Duran will certainly set them apart. The iconic British dance-rock band, Duran Duran, is still together and next year will celebrate their 40th anniversary. Could be the perfect 2018 rock-baby name!

Fleet If Fleetwood Mac is your thing, look no further than Fleet! Despite its fleeting-nature, we think it could be one to stay: its unique sound and cool origin makes it super cool. Or go for Mac, which simply means 'son' in Scottish and Irish Gaelic.

Bruce For the Springsteen fans, both past and present. Bruce is a very forceful sounding name, though does also manage to maintain a friendly vibe. Most people will probably associate it with the movie Braveheart (which might be a plus!), and it means 'from the brushwood thicket' in Scottish Gaelic.

Axl Nobody will misinterpret this for anything else other than a commemoration of Guns and Roses front man, Axl Rose. The name actually has ancient origins, and is a Scandinavian variant on the Biblical Absalom. For a rock daughter, of course, you could just go with Rose!

Creed This name has a total dual nature. On the one hand, it has a super puritanical, old-timey vibe (which is very much in vogue!), and on the other, it's one of the major rock bands of the late 20th century. Last year it made it into the top 1000 for the first time, and we might see it climbing up the charts over the next couple of years.

Bowie Bowie is a Scottish name meaning 'blond', but prospective parents will probably pick it for its associations with the late David Bowie. It sounds incredibly approachable and friendly as well as being extremely cool and unique. Or for one step further, go for one of Bowie's alter-ego, Ziggy Stardust. It was originally the German diminutive of either Siegfried or Sigmund, but is now 100% ultra-cool with buckets of music royalty credentials. Both Bowie and Ziggy could certainly be used for either your son or daughter.

Zeppelin Finally, this word name would definitely set your little child apart in the school playground. Named for rock band behemoth, Led Zeppelin, your child might also have to contend with its association with the Hindenburg Disaster..!

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