Names that mean Eminent

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Aagha Tamil Pre-Eminent, Lord, Master, Brother
Ábo Elevated, High Father, His Name is God, Strong Grip
Ábrrán Exalted Father, Eminent, Elevated, Beautiful
Ádá English German Polish Hungarian Italian Finnish Hebrew Igbo Eminent, Paying, Beautiful, Another Name for God
Adaar Noble, Eminent, High, Fire
Adar Ruler Prince, Fire, Eminent, High
Ádo Noble Wolf, Exalted, Similar, Sami
Ádolfe Another Name for God, Honorable, Noble Wolf, Similar
Ágá Noble, Another Name for God, Listener, Deity
Agát Obedient, His Name is God, Similar, Eminent
Agha Pre-eminent, Owner, Master, Fight
Aidar High, Eminent, Ruler Prince, Fire
Áidná ScandinavianLamb, Purity, All Hearing, Sami
Áidnu Elevated, Beautiful, Eminent, Similar
Áila Supreme, Noble, His Name is God, Holy
Áile Supreme, Noble, His Name is God, Holy
Áillon Sami, Obedient, Ase, Beautiful
Áilu Obedient, Another Name for God, Sublime, Beautiful
Áirá Obedient, Eminent, Sami, Exalted
Áire Supreme, Eminent, Sami, Exalted
Áksel Father and Peace, Eminent, Lofty, Listener
Álbe White Man, Old English for Brilliant, Lofty, Listener
Albearta Similar, Bright, Sami, High
Álbma Princess, With Dark Red Lips, Lofty, Obedient
Ále Excellent, Obedient, Beautiful, Defender of Mankind
Álehtta Of Noble Figure, Eminent, Obedient, Another Name for God
Áles Obedient, Beautiful, High, Similar
Álet Another Name for God, Lofty, Noble and Fight, Listener
Álfa Sublime, All Hearing, Obedient, Magical Counsel
Aliinná Merry, Listener, Sami, Shining
Aliissá God is Salvation, Noble, Sublime, Lofty
Állan Harmony, Exalted, Tribe near the Black Sea, His Name is God
Állet Listener, Elevated, Exalted, All Hearing
Álvá Sublime, Sami, Beautiful, Eminent
Amándá Another Name for God, Amanda Meaning Lovable, Sami, Exalted
Ámmá Beautiful, Eminent, Supreme, All Hearing
Ámmol Beautiful, Eminent, Supreme, All Hearing
Ámmon Beautiful, Eminent, Supreme, All Hearing
Ámmot Beautiful, Eminent, Supreme, All Hearing
Ándá Listener, Manly, Elevated, Eminent
Ándaras Lofty, Warrior, Obedient, His Name is God
Ándde Listener, Manly, Elevated, Eminent
Ánddijá Listener, Manly, Elevated, Eminent
Ánde Listener, Manly, Elevated, Eminent
Ánderijá Listener, Manly, Elevated, Eminent
Ánet Eminent, Gracious, Another Name for God, Supreme
Ánná God is Gracious, Name of a King, Grace, Sami
Ánne Mercy, Grace, His Name is God, Variant of Hebrew Hannah
Ánnjá Manly, Brave, Supreme, Sublime
Áno Moment Especially for  Performing Rituals, An Atom, Supreme, Noble