Dhanishta nakshatra names

In Hindu astronomy, Dhanishta is the 23rd nakshatra among the total 27 nakshatras. The ruling planet of Dhanishta nakshatra is Mars and the Hindu deities related to this nakshatra are the Ashta Vasus: Agni, Prithvi, Vāyu, Varuna, Dyaus, Surya, Chandramas and Dhruva. The symbol of Dhanishta nakshatra is a musical drum which denotes complete wealth and glory. Persons born under this birth star have long height, they are beautiful, and have thin body. The natives are peaceful and try to protect themselves from all types of struggle. They are ambitious, intelligent and loves music. Names beginning with letters Ga, Gi, Gu, Ge can be given to babies born under this nakshatra. The animal associated to Dhanishta nakshatra is a male lion. Here are 623 dhanishta nakshatra baby names.

 GehenaGOrnament, Jewellery, Jewel
 GemineGTwins, Twin, Third Sign of Zodiac
 GeminiUThird Sign of Zodiac, Twin, Twins
 GeneshaBLord Ganesh, Son of Shiva and Parvati
 GengaGRiver Ganga
 GenganBRiver Ganga
 GengarubanBLord Shiva
 GengatharanBLord Shiva
 GennoBRespond to the Mystery, Esoteric Dharma, Glorious King
 GenovaGRace and Woman
 GenpoBEsoteric Dharma, Original Law
 GeraGDispute, Pilgrimage, Combat, A Grain
 GershanBExile, A Stranger Here
 GeyarajanBKing of Songs
 GoolGA Flower
 GudakesaBThe Archer Arjuna
 GudakeshBPossessing Thick Beautiful Hair
 GudakeshaBThe Archer Arjuna
 GudduGSmall Baby, Sweet, Flower
 GuffdBSerpent God
 GuganeshBKanthan, God Murugan
 GuhaBSecret One
 GuhamayaBSecret Illusion, Secret Power
 GuhanBName of Lord Murugan, Lord Murugan
 GuhayaBName of Lord Murugan
 GuhikaGVoice of Birds
 GuhyaBConfidential Subject
 GuirdeepBLight of the Teacher
 GukeshBGod Murugan, Virtue, Kanthan
 GulGFlower, Bouquet, Rose
 Gul AzraG
 Gul BadanGBeautiful Body Resembling Rose
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