Uttara Phalguni nakshatra boy names 

Uttara Phalguni nakshatra names for boys

Found 1845 uttara phalguni nakshatra boy names.

 PoobalanMorning Melody
 PoojanThe Ceremony of Worshiping, Worship
 PoojithOne who is Worshipped
 PoojyaWho Should be Worshiped
 PoomakanFlower Like Son
 PoongathirFlower Like Rays
 PoongkundranFlower Bed Mountain, Pleasant Man
 PoongkunrranFlower Bed Mountain, Pleasant Man
 PoonguntranFlower Mountain
 PoonishLord of the Pious
 PoonthamilTamil is a Flower Like Language, Soft and Comfortable, Pleasant
 PoonthuraiyanA Flower Like Person
 PoopalanOne of the Melody Sings to Appreciate Earlydawn
 PoorajanFlower Like King, Soft-Hearted
 PooranbirPerfect and Brave
 PooranjitVictory of the Perfect
 PooranjotLight of the Perfect
 PooranpreetComplete Love, Perfect Love
 PoormishanEarthy Character
 PoormithanHereditary Man
 PoornachanderFull Moon
 PoornachandraBorn Beneath the Full Moon
 PoornamadaWhole, Complete
 PoornamrithFull of Nectar
 PoornamrutFull of Sweetness
 PoornanandComplete Joy
 PoornapragnaWho Knows Everything
 PoornayuFull Life, Full of Life
 PoornenduFull Moon
 PoorvChanting Voice from East At Sunrise, The East
 PoorvajElder, Ancestors
 PoorvansThe Moon
 PoorvithComplete Man
 PoovaananSky Full of Flowers
 PoovanGentle Man, God of Flower
 PoovananGentle Man, God of Flower
 PoovannanFlower Forest
 PoovarasanKing of Flowers, the Tree ' Poovarasam', Handsome
 Poovarashanthe Tree 'Poovarasam'
 PoovarasuKing of Flowers
 PoovendanKing of Flowers, See Poovarasan, Handsome, Leader
 PoovendranKing of Flowers
 PoovenenFlower Like Man, Gentle Man
 PooventhanKing of Flowers
 PoovithanFlower Like Girl
 PudarjunanLord Shiva, This Name Refers to Lord Shiva According to Hindu Mythology
 PudhumaiNovelty, Creative
 PugalPraise- Making Positive Statements About a Person, Glory, Fame
 PugalarasanPraiseable King
 PugaleanthiPraiseworthy, Honorable One
 PugalendhiHonorable, Praised One, Admirable, Glorious
 PugalenthiPraiseworthy, Honorable One
 PugalenthyHonorable, Praised One
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