Indian names meaning strong

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This is the list of indian names meaning strong or names that mean strong which also serves as indian baby names meaning strong to help you select a name for your child.
AbhiruBoyNot a Coward Strong Powerful
AbhishaanBoy Strong

AbirBoyPerfume Colour Thinker Traveller Strong Red Powder The Red Colour Used in Holi Festival
AhoviraBoy Very Strong A Sage
AksheenBoy Very Strong
AmavaBoy One who cannot be Humbled Violent Strong Powerful
AmirBoyRich Leader From Kikuyu Wealthy Ruler King Emir Treetop Sheaf Prince Ruler Mighty Strong Prosperous Proclaimed Commander
AmodaGirlAmusement Gladdening Joy Strong Perfume Happiness
AmprithuBoy Strong and Healthy
AngamaBoy That which cannot be Pierced Strong
ArushBoyStrong Miracle
AshmaGirlRock Mountain of Rocks Strong
AshmitaGirlRock Born Very Hard and Strong
AshmithaGirlRock Born Very Hard and Strong
AshvanthBoyStrong Brave
AsmitaGirlStrong as a Rock Tough Identity Pride
AsvaBoyHorse Strong Swift
AtibalaBoy Excessive Power Very Strong
AtinBoyThe Great One Strong A Common
AvikaGirlLives in a Group As Hard as Earth Strong
BaalveerBoyStrong Powerful
BagubhalanBoy A Lion Very Strong
BahudamaBoy/GirlSuppressor of Many Strong Powerful A Star
BahurjaBoy Full of Energy Strong Powerful
BahuvataBoy Strong Armed
BalabhrtBoy Carrying a Lot of Strength Mighty Strong
BalaksaBoy Strong Eyed
BalaramaBoyThe Strong Rama Abode of Strength
BalasenaBoy A Strong Leader
BalavanaBoy Strong Powerful
BalbirBoy/GirlStrong Mighty and Brave
BaldevGirlGodlike in Power Strong The Mighty God
BalinBoy Powerful Strong Mighty Healthy Energetic
BalrajBoy/GirlKing Mighty Powerful Strong Mighty King
BalulaBoy Powerful Strong
BalvantBoyPowerful Strong Full of Might

BalvindraBoyStrong Powerful Mighty Immense Strength
BalwanBoyStrong Person
BalwantBoyStrong Powerful Mighty Immense Strength
BalyaBoy Powerful Strong Child-like The Crescent Moon
BardhanaBoy Life Giving Strong
BarhanaBoy Strong Vigorous
BasavaBoyBull Strong Virile
BeeshmanBoyStrongest Man
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