Indian names meaning victory

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This is the list of indian names meaning victory or names that mean victory which also serves as indian baby names meaning victory to help you select a name for your child.
AadijayBoy The First Victory
AbhaijeetBoyVictory over Fear

AbhejayBoy Victory
AbhijatGirlNoble Wise Conquest Complete Victory
AbhijayaGirlConquest Complete Victory Victorious
AbhijitBoy/GirlOne who is Victorious Victory
AcharjeetBoy Inanimate Victory
AgamjitBoy Victory of God
AjinkaBoy No One can Win Victory over Him
AjminderBoy Victory of Lord
AkaljeetBoy Victory of God
AlamjeetBoy Victory of the Universe
AlokBoyA Man with Lovely Hair Cry of Victory Lord Subramanya Brightness Light
AmaljeetBoy Pure Victory
AmoldharamBoy Priceless Victory
AmoljeetBoy Priceless Victory
AmritajeetBoy Deathless Victory
AnaljeetBoy Victory over Air
AnandjitBoy Victory of Bliss
AnantjeetBoy Endless Victory
AniljeetBoy Victory over Wind
AnjaljeetBoy Victory with Unity
AnokhjeetBoy Wondrous Victory
AnoopjeetBoy Unique Victory
AnupjeetBoy Matchless Victory
ArbinderjeetBoy Victory at the Feet of Lord
ArinjayBoy Victory over Evil
ArunjeetBoy Morning Victory
AsjitaBoy Bearing Victory
AvtarjeetBoy God's Victory
BahadurjeetBoy Victory of the Brave
BahadurjitBoy Victory of the Brave
BalbinderjitBoy Victory of Power
BalinderjitBoy Victory of Strength
BallavaBoy Call of Victory
BalwinderjitBoy Victory of Strength
BanjeetBoy Victory of the Forest
BerniceGirl Bringer of Victory
BhagatjeetBoy Devotee's Victory
BhagwantjeetBoy Victory of God

BhajanjeetBoy Victory of Devotion
BhalinderjitBoy Victory of the Lord of Light
BhavanjeetBoy Pleasing Victory
BhupinderjeetBoy Victory of Supreme God
BhushanjeetBoy Victory over Ornaments
BikramjeetBoy Victory for Valour
BimaljeetBoy Victory of the Pure
BipinjeetBoy Victory over Forest
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