Kyllikki meaning and origin

Gender: Girl
Origin: Finnish
Usage: Finnish and Swedish
Meaning: Abundance
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Girl name Kyllikki means "Abundance" has its roots in Finnish is prevalently used in Finnish and Swedish. Kyllikki is Finnish equivalent of Kylli, Combined with the Finnish Diminutive Suffixe -Kki.

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Popularity of Kyllikki

Kyllikki is a common baby name in Finland. As per our evaluation, over 3000 babies have been bestowed Kyllikki around the globe, concentrated mainly Nordic regions.


Kyllikki in Nordic countries

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Numerological analysis of Kyllikki

You should use your skills and mind to put wicked people where they belong. You tend to play cold so you don't get hurt. You are warm but cold at the same time, strong but gentle, depending on the people around you. Nothing good can come out of your past. At work, you are the innovator and researcher always focused on finding creative ways to solve things and improve the company's progress. Open your mind to new opinion and widen your perspective.

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Namesakes of Kyllikki

    Kyllikki Saari, 17-year-old Finnish girl whose murder in 1953 is one of the most infamous cases of homicide ever

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