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Lakicia name meaning

What does Lakicia mean?

Gender: Girl
Usage: Arabic
Pronunciation: l(a)-ki-cia
Meaning: Woman
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Unwonted Lakicia came from English-American, meaning of Lakicia is "Woman" specifically used in Arabic is used as a baby girl name . Lakicia is derivation of Lakeisha. Lakeisha is version of well-liked Aisha. Also Lakeisha is variant spelling of prefix 'La-';Keisha. Outlandish Lakeisha principally is used in African and Arabic is originated from English-American and Swahili, meaning of Lakeisha is "Favorite One and Cassia Tree".

How do I pronounce Lakicia?

The proper pronunciation of three syllabled Lakicia is l(a)-ki-cia.

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What numbers say about Lakicia?

Some would say that you are cold-hearted and insensitive but the truth is that you are the most sensitive person. You are always preoccupied with other people's problems because they know you are compassionate and ready to help at any time. Details matter to you, especially when it comes to choosing your love partner. You are a team player who's never complaining. When it comes to life goals and career, you always give your best.

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