Sayyida name meaning

Gender: Girl
Origin: Arabic
Usage: Arabic
Pronunciation: sah-YEE-da
Meaning: Lady and Mistress
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What does Sayyida mean?

Sayyida means Lady or Mistress used for girls used particulary in Arabic has its origin in Arabic.

How do I pronounce Sayyida?

The most common way to pronounce three syllabled Sayyida is sah-YEE-da with emphasis on second YEE syllable.

Variants of Sayyida

Sayida, Saida, Sa'ida, Sada


Here's what numbers has to say about Sayyida

You are courageous but stubborn when convinced you are doing things the right way. You have a sharp focus and highly developed sense of intuition. If 1 is your personality number, you have a positive vibe and an impressive appearance. Letter A at the end of your name foreshadows your high ambition to become someone in life. When it comes to relationships, you hate monogamy and easily fall in and out of love.

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Famous people named Sayyida

  • Sayyida Shirin, Bavandid princess,

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