Segimerus meaning and origin

Gender: Boy
Origin: Old Norse, Germanic and Old High German
Usage: Old Norse
Meaning: Victory, Famous and Well-Known
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Segimerus is equivalent of Sigimārar in Latin language. Also Segimerus is equivalent of Siegmar in Latin language.

Variants of Segimerus

Siegmar, Simar

Names that rhyme with Segimerus

Popularity of Segimerus

Segimerus is an extremely rare name around the world.


Numerological analysis of Segimerus

You don't allow yourself to get carried away and take advantage of people only because they like you and admire your personality. You can practically make a person do what you want and they will do it without hesitation. Skin touch makes you nervous because you feel it so deeply that it makes you tremble. You believe that a man who stopped learning is a man who stopped growing in every sense of the word.

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  •  Gás dominantly is used in Old Norse is a gender insensitive name has its roots in Old Norse, meaning of Gás is "Goose"
  •  Owdkel prevalently is used in Old Norse is bestowed upon boys. Owdkel is Old Norse cognate of Auðkæll
  •  HiǫrulfR - Used substantially in Old Norse, HiǫrulfR is used for baby boys. HiǫrulfR is Old Norse form of Heruwulfr
  •  Lífstæinn is equivalent of Hlífstæinn in Old Norse language
  •  ÞólfR - The boy name ÞólfR is used in Old Norse language, ÞólfR means "Twelve or Been Given to the 12Th Child of the Family"
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