Norse baby names

Updated: April 10th, 2024

Norse is a North Germanic language spoken by peoples of Scandinavia. This language is also spoken by their foreign settlements from the 7th to the 15th centuries.

Norse mythology is very famous that replete with gods, goddesses, and heroes. Norse also has a galaxy of charming and beautiful names with historical and symbolical meanings. These names are no longer used in Scandinavia only, but they also expanded all over the world through migration and settlement. Norse babies have a range of names from Solveig and Dag, which are rough and tough to soft and delicate names like Liv and Elin. Norse baby names are compounded names which are composed of words referring to gods or warfare or these names may be directly inspired from nature or religion. The surname of Norse babies is same as their father’s surname, followed by the suffix –dottir or son.

Below is the list containing extensive collection of 3000 plus Norse baby names.

Who is Like God?, Messenger of God
Gemini, Twin
Bearing Christ, Christ-bearer, To Carry
Molded From, Humanity, A Prophet's Name, Man of Earth
God's Spear, Deity, Lover of Deer, Ase
Anointed Christian, Belonging to Christ
Sun, Variant of Helen, Excellent, The Bright One
Coastal Rocks, Son of Carr, Mossy Place, Rock
Mistress, Noble Woman, Queen of the Gods, Lady
Laplander, The Element Fionn Which Means White Fair, Fair-haired Courageous One, Light Skinned
Vanishing, Fragility, Vapour, Healthy
Sole Ruler, Ever-powerful, Honor and Powerful King, Alone-Ruler
Hay Clearing, Heroine, Thinking of the Sea, Army Power
Defence, The Roman God of War, Mars, Of the Sea
The Manly, Man
Strong Counsel, True Image, Advice, Wise Ruler
Son of Jens
Lee, Proud, Firebrand, Sword
Light Hearted, Great Talker, Pleasant and Bright, Measure of Land
Son of Carr
Inspiration, Head God in Norse Mythology, Wealthy Defender, The Inspired
Alone-Ruler, Honor and Powerful King
Divinity and Fidelity, Ase, Divinely Beautiful, Deity
Son of Jens
Blessed, Owner of Spear, Wealth, Possession
Child of Kar, Son of Carr
Settlement of Huts, Sheltered, The Place Where Willows Grow
The Dark Farmstead
Precious, The Element Búa Meaning to Live to Dwell Have a Household
Slender, Quarrelsome, Narrow, Gaillard
The Sea, Hay Meadow, Heroine, Mountain Slope
Powerful, Wise Ruler, Rule, Advice
Victory of the People, Victory and People
Fighting Lord, Fight, Warrior, Struggle
Disciple of Christ, Beautiful Christian, The Anointed One, Christ-bearer
Mistress, Lady
Friend, Pure, Expensive, The Cause of
Thor's Stone, Valiant Fighter, Inspired By a Family Name, the Brave
Protection, Too: Sign, Olive Tree, Life
Staff Bearer, Form of Gustave, Stick, Goth
Great, Large
God has shown favour, Brilliance of stone, Goddess Durga, Mercy
Friend of Horses, Horse Lover
Hard, Bear, Courageous, Strong
Superiority, Nobility, My God is Yahweh
Fraud, The Crafty Mammal with Russet-Colored Fur
Ei Which Means Ever Always, Sole Ruler, Forever, Honor and Powerful King
Heather, Ever-powerful, Alone-Ruler, Sole Ruler
Of Magdala, Villager of Galilee
Holder of the Heel, Yahweh May Protect, To Supplant, Supplanter
Meadow, Inge, Hero's Daughter, Composition
At the Cross
Luminous Nature, Precept Doctrine
House and King, Ruler of an Enclosure, Homeland, Power
Favour, Graceful, Form of Anna, He (God) Was Gracious
Loop on a Thread, Cover, Lid, End, To Bend
Watchman, Guardian, Warden, High Guard
Feminine of Brendan, Sword-blade, Struggle, Fiery Hill
God is My Helper, My God is Yahweh
Mercy, Help, Snow
Hostage, Trusted, Bright, Illustrious Pledge
Carl, Joyful Song, Miss, Pure
Son who Lives in the Swamp, Son of Carr
Diminutive of Oswald, Divine Power
All Knowing, Alvin, Noble Friend, Elwin
Son of Carr
Yew Wood, Archer's Bow, Warrior, A Norse God
To Push
Man, Form of Charles, Strong, Vigorous
Strange, Clueless, Who is Like God?, Odd
Contented, She who Gives Pleasures, Queen, Liberated from the Need
From the Deer Forest, Deer Wood
Park with Deer, Freeman
Star, Stella, Esther, Inspiring
Holly, Ancestor
Strong Army Warrior, Advice, Power, Ancient Personal Name
Inspiration, Wealth and Friend, Wealthy Defender, The Inspired
Surname, Form the Church Town
Tawny, Lord Siva, Fire, The Moon
Bright, Illustrious Warrior, Ruler, Armed and Shining
Laurel Wreath, Stem End of Laurentum
Husband, Man
Light Bringer, Exalted High, English, Enlightened One
Advice, Bold, Advisor, Audacious and Council
True Image, Of Elegant, To Gaze, One who Brings Victory
Form of Dustin, Valiant Fighter, Thor's Stone
Advice, Rule
Advisor, Bold Counselor, Counsel, Audacious and Council
Surname, From the Broad Ridge, Brother, Form of Roderick
Descended of the Mind Or Spirit
Lawgiver, The Words Lag Which Means Law, Lawyer
Rules with Good Judgement, Rule, Advice, Victory Bring End
Battle, Winner, Fight
Mystery, To Flow, Rune, Secret Lore
Yahweh is Gracious, God is Merciful
Kale, Cabbage, Man, One who is Merciful and Foreseeing, Husband
Yew Wood was Used for Bows, Archer, Born Army, Composition
Guardian of the Youth, Warrior
He (God) Was Gracious
Blessed, Happiness, Holy, Luck
Lively, Most Beautiful, Singing Lark
Sword, Firebrand
Thor's Goddess, Thunder, God Thor
Warm and Comforting, Variant of the Beverage Brandy Used as a Given Name
To Forecast Or Predict, Tied, Form of Rebecca, Joined
Solemn, Lad, Boy, Youth
Honor and Powerful King, Ever Kingly, Alone-Ruler, Feminine Form of Eric
Daylight, Light, Deity
Thunder God, Bear
From the Army Land
Firebrand, Proud, Sword, Burn
Young Fighter, Luck, Happiness, Winner
Eveline, Power, Shining, Aveline
The Words Kelda Which Means Spring Fountain, Farm By the Spring
Alone-Ruler, Sacred Ruler, Noble Leader, Composition Nature Spirit
Pleasant, Happy, Peaceful, Droplet
Victory and Liberator, Beautiful
Warrior, Army, Frog, Advice
Strength, Bowl, Boat, Power, Sound
Ancestor's Descendant, Heritage of the Ancestors, Happy
Ancestor, Holy, Relic
The Good
Defender of Mankind, Diamond, Noble, Nobility
Ruler of All, Alone-Ruler, Rule with Mercy, Noble Leader
New Day
Farm by a Ditch
Gift of Yahweh, Gift of God
Possession, Rich Friend
The Steadfast, Constant, Perseverance
Stone, Thor, Thunder
Lady, Mistress
Jayanta, To Gird, The Jewel, Play Thing
Watch Tower, Triumphant, Victory, From the Craggy Hills
Swarthy, Dark-skinned, Marsh Land, Fort
Wealth, Ancestor's Descendent, Ancestor, Moral Greatness
Ancestor's Descendant, Heritage of the Ancestors, Happy, Home
He who is Foremost, God of Fertility and Peace, Beautiful, Ingeborg
Original, Pure
The Generous One, Old Arabic Name, Long Life, Command
Tall, Claw, Surname
Lovable, Aspiration, Born on a Saturday, Mother
Shield, House Wolf, Strong Defender, Sign
High-born Lady, Noble Woman, Mistress, Goddess of Love
Speech, Goddess Saraswati, Wont, Accustomed Or Lacking, Wanting, Sound
God will Raise Up a, Powerful, Brave, Helmeted Warrior
Who is Like God?, Big, Great
Thunder, God Thor
Willow Settlement, From the Village on the Ledge
The Words Lag Which Means Law, Lawgiver, Lawyer
The Great One
Alone-Ruler, Sole Ruler
Soldier of God, Divine Bear
Fen-Dweller, Deriving from Old Norse Fen = Fen, Marsh
Light, Crown, Rough Island, My Joy
Victory, New
Superior, All, Entire, Defending Men, Power
Garden, An Enclosed Yard, Enclosure, Protection
Bear, Deity, Ase
Thors Stone, Thor, Thunder
God of Weather, He who is Foremost, Lord
Eagle Tree, Arn, Forest, Vidr
Victory, Guard, Defender
Mighty Warrior, Handsome
Happy, Summer, Summer, South, Thaw
Conqueror, Castle, Victory, Watchtower
Holy, Army Power, From the Hall, Flat Stone, Rock Or Sloping, Leaning to One Side
Son of Nobleman, Descendant
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