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Posted on: August 16th, 2017by Casey Anderson

Previously we talked about Hollywood leading ladies, but we don’t want to leave the guys out! There is also a long history of charming and handsome men gracing the movie screen. You’ve dreamed about your little man being charming and suave, in a fancy suit maybe. Romancing the ladies and saving damsels in distress.

If you’re a mom that loves movies, then you’ve probably had your fair share of Hollywood crushes. You want your little boy to grow up loving the art and imitating the fine gentlemen you’ve seen there right? Here’s how to get that started, name him after one of them!

George This name means “tiller of soil” but for a lot of us, it means Hollywood’s most eligible bachelor, George Clooney. He’s not a bachelor anymore, but a lot of women wish he was! He’s charming and handsome, just like your little boy could be. If you wanted to be more original, you could try the name Clooney as well!

Ewan This names means “yew” which is a plant. But to us it means Ewan McGregor, the dashingly adorable Scotsman. It’s hard not to love this guy’s smile. I bet your boy will be same way, even if he’s ornery, how can you stay mad at that face?

Patrick Patrick means “nobleman” and that’s certainly what we think of Patrick Dempsey. He seems noble and suave. He has a wink that melts ice. With women all over referring to him as “McDreamy” you know he’s something good. This name will have all the ladies swooning over your little boy too.

Brad Brad Pitt is romanticized on and off the screen. His name means “broad” and that’s a good description of his talents as well. He’s played a variety of roles very well. With a name like this your little boy will be able to conquer anything.

Denzel This name is said to mean “fort” but that is debated. It makes us think Denzel Washington, and he’s one of my favorite Hollywood Heartthrobs. He’s got style, class and great acting abilities. This is a great name for a strong boy.

Clark The name means “scholar.” We think about Clark Gable, one of Hollywood’s original heartthrobs, often referred to as “The King of Hollywood.” He stared in 60 films in his career. Hard working and handsome! A good name to live up to!

Humphrey Alright, this is an old one, but classic, it means “peaceful warrior.” The inspiration for us of course comes from Humphrey Bogart, who was known as a noble cynic. He had a classy look that would work for any boy. Plus the name is increasing in popularity.

Marlon Debated meanings, but a popular one is “little hawk.” It’s a unique name that’ll make your boy stand out. Marlon Brando was very charismatic and known as a cultural icon. He was also active in favor of the civil rights movement. This is another great name to live up to.

Fred Fred means “peace” but Fred Astaire means rhythm! He was an on screen dancing legend! If you want your boy to act, dance and sing, this is a perfect name sake. He was very dapper. The name is enjoying a surge in popularity as well.

Paul This name means “small” but Paul Newman made much more than a small impact on Hollywood. He was admired for his acting roles, but to some he is better known for his philanthropy. He was a successful and generous man that any boy could look up to.

Spencer Spencer means “supplier of provisions” and is another name coming back in style. We chose it for Spencer Tracey, the actor who was known for his versatile abilities. He was extremely popular among fellow actors and Hollywood in general. Spencer is a guy everyone likes.

John Though not an original name, John Wayne was an original man. The name means “God is gracious.” John Wayne was the quintessential Hollywood cowboy. In fact, when you read the word cowboy you probably pictured his face. He stared in 142 films, 83 of which were westerns. If you want your son to be the rough and tumble cowboy sort of actor, John is the name for him.

Ryan The meaning of this name is “little king.” Ryan Reynolds is a modern Hollywood heartthrob. He’s a little different than past ones, more romantic comedy then romantic drama. He’s got the looks and the wit. Seems like the kind of guy you could always have fun with. We think this is a great choice of namesake.

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