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Posted on: November 13th, 2017by Casey Anderson

The 90s were great times at Disney animation studio, and is known as the Disney Renaissance period. A lot of people that grew up on some of those amazing movies are having kids of their own now. You'll want to show some of these great movies to your kids of course.

But, you might also want to look to them for naming inspiration. Especially if the movie meant something to you growing up. And kids will like to hear their name on an awesome movie. There are of course the obvious main characters, but most of them have been written about by me or others here before.

I'm going to focus on some of the more minor characters that are just as cool, as well as some of the main characters from lesser known movies. Hidden gems if you well.

The Rescuers Down Under This is one of my personal favorites and also happens to be Disney's first animated sequel. It follows a couple of mice and their companions who rescue people and animals.

Bernard The main male mouse here, this name is derived from two Germanic words, one meaning 'bear' and one meaning 'brave, hardy.' The Bernard in this movie is very brave and risks himself to save others. He's a noble little creature that any could should be proud to be named after.

Bianca This pretty name means 'fair, white' and the female mouse here is beautiful and kind and fair to all. She's the other main character and whereas she may look like she would be stuck up, she's a great protector and server of others. This is a beautiful name for a sweet and lovely girl.

Beauty and the Beast A Disney classic, receiving a lot of attention thanks to the recent live action movie. Most everyone knows this fairytale, and the 2 main characters, so I chose other ones to mention here.

Gaston Maybe he was the bad guy in this movie, but it's still a nice name. Besides the creepy insane asylum guy is way worse. This name has character; it means 'guest, or stranger.' And that's what we all are at first right? It sounds pretty dignified to me.

Maurice Belle's father's name may be old fashioned but it has that classy vintage feel. It means 'moor, dark skinned.' It exudes intelligence. Maybe your son could be an inventor like Belle's father's character.

The Lion King My personal favorite animated movie. The majority of the names are based on the Swahili language, and are quite beautiful. It follows a young lion prince and his trials, tragedies and triumph.

Sarabi This pretty name is Simba's mother. The name means 'mirage' and certainly has that hidden mystical feeling to it. Sarabi is a proud lion, loyal to her people. She stands up to Scar in defense of the Pride Lands. This is a great name for any brave little girl.

Sarafina This exotic sounding name is for Nala's mother, shown only briefly. It means 'bright star' and does have a shining quality about it. There are various other spellings that seem like the same name, but this is the Swahili version used in The Lion King.

Pocahontas This is a lovely movie that teaches kids of kindness and understanding. It also teaches respecting the earth and creatures around you. Everyone was singing 'Colors of the Wind' when it came out. It is EXTREMELY loosely based on historical characters.

Nakoma This is the name of Pocahontas's best friend in the movie. I would love to tell you what it means for certain, but unfortunately there are several contradictory definitions. The character in the movie however is loyal and dedicated to her people. As of 2016 there were only 7 girls with this name in the USA, so your daughter would be very unique.

Kekata In the movie he is the tribe's medicine man and spiritual leader. I am not sure if this is a true Native American name. It sounds strong and wise. The character guided and tried to protect his people. This would certainly be a unique name for any son.

The Hunchback of Notre Dame This movie is based off a much less happy/musical book written by Victor Hugo. However the movie is fun and festive throughout, like most Disney animated films.

Esmeralda The name means 'green gemstone' or 'emerald.' It certainly lends one to think of beauty. In the movie she is a Gypsy girl, beautiful and talented. She has a free and independent spirit.

Claude Not a great guy in the movie, but still a nice French name. The meaning is actually 'lame or feeble' but the name certainly isn't seen that way! It sounds aristocratic and fancy.

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