An A – Z of under used names for boys

Posted on: June 23rd, 2017\""by Ruth Fitzpatrick

Tired of Liam, Noah and James? Want a name that has a bit more uniqueness and character? Well, have no fear! Especially for you, we've compiled an A to Z of some of last year's least used names that definitely have some serious possibility. Enjoy!

A is for… Alden – last year less than 400 Aldens were born, but it makes a nice alternative to Alden and has a softer, more poetic sound.

B is for… Bode – a robust and firm sounding name, and with only 203 babies given this name in 2016, it's definitely unique!

C is for… Canaan – this Biblical place name could be something to consider if you feel the more popular Old Testament names like Noah, Benjamin and Elijah are not for you.

D is for… Dash – for a future speedy baby, perhaps! Dash sounds cool and modern, and with just over 300 recorded last year in the US, it's unlikely your baby Dash will have to compete with many other Dashes!

E is for… Enoch – a name which has recently been reclassified from "old-fashioned" to "hip"! It's one of the fastest rising names in the States, but it's still quite rare. Snap it up while you still can!

F is for… Fisher – if you're not a fan of Hunter or Walker but still want a name with a strong, outdoorsy feel, Fisher could be something to consider.

G is for… Grey – perhaps not as bright as Blue or Red, but Grey has a very elegant charm, and sounds a lot more modern than the more popular Greg.

H is for… Huxley – it might literally mean 'inhospitable place', but we're definitely happy it's rising up the American top 1000. It's a forceful sounding name and a reminder of the literary giant.

I is for… Ira – like Enoch, Ira is making a comeback, though it's still rare enough to make it a really unique choice.

J is for… Jericho – another Old Testament place name with plenty of potential. Your Jericho will stand out from the sea of Jameses, Johns, and Jacks, and the very usable and friendly diminutive of Jerry could be applied to it.

K is for… Kelvin – for those tired of Calvin and Kevin, Kelvin is the perfect mix! It's the name of a river in Scotland and of a famous scientist!

L is for… Leif – we've been all about the Irish giant, Liam, over the past decade, but maybe it's time to bring in some Viking magic with Leif! The name of several warrior kings, it also has a paradoxically hippy-ish vibe.

M is for… Marley – the name of Jamaica's most famous son, and of, eh, a yellow Labrador… Still! We think this name is super sweet and super under-used by American parents.

N is for… Nico – this one is a recent entry into the SSA's top 500 and it looks to be still rising through the charts. Still, there were only just over 600 baby boys given this name in 2016, so it is still an excellent and unique choice.

O is for… Ollie – the playful diminutive of Oliver more than deserves to be a name in its own right!

P is for… Palmer – despite our love for similar sounding names in the States, we've never really given Palmer a chance. It has a much softer, contemplative resonance than Hunter or Tucker, and could definitely be a future hit.

Q is for… Quade – there aren't than many Q-names out there, but given how popular Quinn is among American parents, maybe it's time we added a new one! Quade sounds powerful and handsome, and is an excellent candidate for Quinn-replacement!

R is for… Ralph – for your little Wreck It Ralph! Definitely belongs with the old-fashioned-turned-modern-chic gang which are currently so popular.

S is for… Stetson – currently experiencing a high at #709, this surname-as-a-given-name is still an unusual option for the discerning parent.

T is for… Trace – a very forthright and simple name which has had a small but constant presence in America over the last few years. Hopefully it won't disappear without a…

U is for… Ultan – this Irish saint's name has yet to make the journey over the ocean to the States. We like it though, and it's guaranteed to be more unique than Connor, Aiden or Liam.

V is for… Vance – sounds way more fashionable than the more popular Vince. It sounds sophisticated and polished.

W is for… Westin – less than 300 Westins were born last year, so your son is unlikely to have to share it with anyone else in his kindergarten!

X is for… Xavi – X-names are always going to have a bit of an X-factor, but with Xavier currently sitting at #88, it might be difficult to find a usable, unique X-alternative. But we like the diminutive Xavi, and think it's perfect as a name by itself.

Y is for… Yann – the Breton and Manx variant of John sounds and looks fresh, and will definitely be 100% more unique than the original.

Z is for… Zaiden – too many Aidens in your neighborhood? Give it some pizazz with Zaiden!

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