175 Baby Names Inspired by Cities from Brooklyn to Bali

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Looking for that perfect name for your bundle of joy? Why not let your imagination wander through the streets of the world's most iconic cities for inspiration?

From the timeless romance of "Florence" to the modern bustle of "Austin," city-inspired baby names offer a unique blend of sophistication, charm, and worldly appeal. They can be elegant like "Monaco," or hip and trendy like "Brooklyn." What's even better? These names come with built-in stories and cultural vibes that add layers of depth to your child's identity. So why settle for ordinary when you can pick a name that's as extraordinary as the city it's inspired by?

Classic and Timeless

Ah, names that have withstood the test of epochs. From the romantic allure of "Florence" to the regal resonance of "Victoria," these names evoke classic beauty and are as timeless as the cities they herald from.

  1. Alexandria
  2. Victoria
  3. Sydney
  4. Florence
  5. Geneva
  6. Sofia
  7. Paris
  8. Charlotte
  9. Vienna
  10. Adelaide
  11. Savannah
  12. York
  13. Milan
  14. Berlin
  15. Oslo

Trendy and Modern

Searching for names that resonate with the energy of today's zeitgeist? Look no further. Imagine your child as a "Dallas," a name as bustling and lively as the city itself, or perhaps a "Phoenix," encapsulating rebirth and fiery enthusiasm.

  1. Austin
  2. Dallas
  3. Denver
  4. Brooklyn
  5. Aspen
  6. Hudson
  7. Phoenix
  8. Memphis
  9. Dakota (after Bismarck, ND)
  10. London
  11. Miami
  12. Madison (Madison, WI)
  13. Bristol
  14. Chelsea (Chelsea, MA)
  15. Quincy (Quincy, MA)


Why adhere to traditional gender norms when selecting a name? The monikers in this segment defy categorization and are splendidly androgynous. Names like "Avery" or "Logan" blur the lines, offering a versatile allure suitable for any child.

  1. Jordan (Amman, Jordan)
  2. Taylor (Taylor, MI)
  3. Avery (Avery County, NC)
  4. Peyton (Peyton, CO)
  5. Riley (Riley County, KS)
  6. Logan (Logan, UT)
  7. Cameron (Cameron, LA)
  8. Morgan (Morgan, UT)
  9. Casey (Casey, IL)
  10. Blair (Blair, NE)
  11. Casey (Casey, IL)
  12. Devon (Devon, PA)
  13. Kendall (Kendall, FL)
  14. Hayden (Hayden, CO)
  15. Rowan (Rowan County, NC)

Exotic and Unique

Dive into a potpourri of names that whisk you away to distant lands. Ever thought about naming your child "Kyoto" or "Cali"? These unique gems evoke the sights, sounds, and cultures of cities less trodden, exuding an international charisma.

  1. Cairo
  2. Osaka
  3. Zaria (Zaria, Nigeria)
  4. Siena
  5. Cali (Cali, Colombia)
  6. Kyoto
  7. Lima
  8. Bali
  9. Palermo
  10. Antalya
  11. Malaga
  12. Nicosia
  13. Thessaly (Thessaloniki, Greece)
  14. Toulouse
  15. Nairobi

Elegant and Sophisticated

The epitome of sophistication awaits in this selection. Names like "Monaco" and "Zurich" don't merely suggest elegance; they virtually exude an air of upper-crust refinement. Perfect for the little one you envision attending soirées and operas.

  1. Barcelona
  2. Lisbon
  3. Valencia
  4. Monaco
  5. Marseille
  6. Edinburgh
  7. Zurich
  8. Brussels
  9. Salzburg
  10. Marseille
  11. Seville
  12. Cannes
  13. Prague
  14. Cordoba
  15. Aix (Aix-en-Provence)


Taking inspiration from Mother Earth, these names are like a breath of fresh mountain air. Ponder upon names like "Aspen" or "Sky," which not only resonate with natural beauty but also impart a sense of tranquil resplendence.

  1. Rio (Rio de Janeiro)
  2. Sierra (Sierra Vista, AZ)
  3. Aspen
  4. Flint (Flint, MI)
  5. Laurel (Laurel, MS)
  6. Clayton (Clayton, CA)
  7. Forest (Forest City, IA)
  8. Glen (Glendale, CA)
  9. Marina (Marina, CA)
  10. Fern (Fernley, NV)
  11. Dale (Riverdale, NY)
  12. Sky (Skykomish, WA)
  13. Sage (Sage, AR)
  14. Ivy (Ivy, VA)
  15. Reed (Reedsport, OR)

Historical and Vintage

Relish in the reminiscent charm of yesteryears with names that conjure the spirit of history and tradition. Imagine a little "Arthur" or "Vera" roaming the hallways of an ancient castle, or solving mysteries in cobblestone alleyways.

  1. Orleans (New Orleans)
  2. Augustine (St. Augustine, FL)
  3. Helena (St. Helena, CA)
  4. Troy (Troy, NY)
  5. Salem
  6. Clara (Santa Clara, CA)
  7. Franklin (Franklin, TN)
  8. Warren (Warren, MI)
  9. Rosalind (Rosalind, Alberta)
  10. Vera (Vera Cruz, Brazil)
  11. Opal (Opal, VA)
  12. Elmer (Elmer, NJ)
  13. Louisa (Louisa, KY)
  14. Calvin (Calvin, OK)
  15. Arthur (Arthur, IL)
Child dreaming about vacation and travel

Quintessentially Classic

Eleanor—a nod to a Bulgarian treasure. Theodore: drenched in historical richness. Simple, yet packed with character. Mitchell and Emilia make the list too. Your kid's name? Practically an instant heirloom.

  1. Eleanor (Eleonora, Bulgaria)
  2. Emilia (Emilia-Romagna, Italy)
  3. Leonard (Leonardo, Italy)
  4. Theodore (Theodore, AL)
  5. Mitchell (Mitchell, SD)
  6. Bernard (Bern, Switzerland)
  7. Regina (Regina, Canada)
  8. Carmen (Carmen, Philippines)
  9. Leon (Leon, Spain)
  10. Marian (Marianna, FL)

Buzzworthy Entrants

Meet the newcomers, each redolent of the audacity of the present. Kelsey's got that small-town charm but urban sophistication. Mercer? It's an island but packs a punch as a name. Oh, and let's not forget Jade—exotic yet familiar.

  1. Kelsey (Kelseyville, CA)
  2. Orion (Orion, IL)
  3. Ellis (Ellis, KS)
  4. Jade (Jade, Germany)
  5. Mercer (Mercer Island, WA)
  6. Jaxon (Jackson, MS)
  7. Presley (Prescott, AZ)
  8. Harlem (Harlem, NY)
  9. Bowie (Bowie, MD)
  10. Weston (Weston, FL)

Fluid and Non-Binary

Names as flexible as your yoga instructor and just as cool. Meet Casey, with a laid-back vibe. Shea—an Irish treat with a touch of Newfoundland. Ever heard of Kirby? You have now. It’s Texas swagger encapsulated.

  1. Reece (Reece City, AL)
  2. Dylan (Dylan, SC)
  3. Teagan (Teague, TX)
  4. Quinn (Quincy, IL)
  5. Sloane (Sloansville, NY)
  6. Casey (Caseyville, IL)
  7. Kelly (Kelly, WY)
  8. Kirby (Kirby, TX)
  9. Morgan (Morgantown, WV)
  10. Shea (Shea Heights, Newfoundland)

Geographically Exquisite

From Ukraine's Odessa to Italy's Verona, these names have international passports. Tirana: a bit off the beaten path but such a vocal flourish! Mombasa—doesn’t that roll just splendidly off the tongue?

  1. Verona (Verona, Italy)
  2. Odessa (Odessa, Ukraine)
  3. Lyon (Lyon, France)
  4. Israel (Jerusalem, Israel)
  5. Agra (Agra, India)
  6. Galata (Istanbul, Turkey)
  7. Lhasa (Lhasa, Tibet)
  8. Trinidad (Trinidad, CA)
  9. Mombasa (Mombasa, Kenya)
  10. Tirana (Tirana, Albania)

Aristocratic Elegance

Call it posh, call it classy. Galway's got that Celtic allure, while Dresden evokes images of historic European grandeur. Rosario? Argentina's pearl becomes your child's auditory jewel.

  1. Galway (Galway, Ireland)
  2. Dresden (Dresden, Germany)
  3. Kent (Kent, England)
  4. Orleans (Orleans, France)
  5. Rosario (Rosario, Argentina)
  6. Cardiff (Cardiff, Wales)
  7. Lucerne (Lucerne, Switzerland)
  8. Yara (Yaroslavl, Russia)
  9. Bronte (Bronte, Italy)
  10. Windsor (Windsor, England)

Nature's Best

The love child of names and landscapes! Cliff—an elevated name, no doubt. Then there’s Rain, a Germanic whisper of nature. Sunny? Yup, as cheerful as a Sunnyside morning.

  1. Rain (Rain, Germany)
  2. Cliff (Cliffside Park, NJ)
  3. Dale (Glendale, AZ)
  4. Reed (Reed City, MI)
  5. Flora (Flora, IL)
  6. Mesa (Mesa, AZ)
  7. Glen (Glendale, AZ)
  8. Brook (Brookfield, WI)
  9. Bay (Bay City, MI)
  10. Sunny (Sunnyside, WA)

Retro Resurgence

The love child of names and landscapes! Cliff—an elevated name, no doubt. Then there’s Rain, a Germanic whisper of nature. Sunny? Yup, as cheerful as a Sunnyside morning.

  1. Norman (Norman, OK)
  2. Myrtle (Myrtle Beach, SC)
  3. Stanley (Stanley, Falkland Islands)
  4. Clifford (Clifford, PA)
  5. Irving (Irving, TX)
  6. Cecilia (St. Cecilia, Brazil)
  7. Olga (Olga, Russia)
  8. Milton (Milton, MA)
  9. Hazel (Hazelwood, MO)
  10. Bertha (Berthaville, VA)

Wrap Up

Congratulations! You've just traveled the world without leaving your comfy chair. Whether you've fallen in love with a classic like "Victoria," an exotic beauty like "Nairobi," or a gender-neutral moniker like "Avery," one thing's for sure—your little one's name will be anything but mundane.

These city-inspired baby names are more than just labels; they're gateways to diverse cultures, historical landmarks, and unique experiences. Now all that's left is to decide which metropolis resonates most with you and your family. So, what will it be?

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