Let Old Norse Mythology Guide You: Heirloom Baby Names For a Modern World

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For centuries, Nordic parents have given their little ones strong and meaningful names inspired by Gods and Goddesses of ancient Norse mythology. Whether your style is traditional or unique, take a look at these 50 beautiful Norse mythological baby names. From Ragnar to Ivar there's something in this collection that's sure to stand out. These timeless monikers will give the perfect start to your child's story while honoring the remarkable legacy of Norse mythology

  1. Saga Saga is Swedish word meaning Journey. It's perfect for those starting out on their own journey through life! It might be particularly fitting if your family hails from Scandinavia.
  2. Nore Nore can trace its roots back to Norway and Sweden as it's a variation of Nori, Norse and Dutch variation of Nora. Additionally it has either Greek or Irish origins with meanings such as sun ray or shining light.
  3. ThoraThora is derived from Norse meaning Thunder. With such an impressive title associated with Norse gods like Thor, this would make for an excellent baby name choice!
  4. Fenja Fenja is an Old Norse name meaning “powerful one”. This name could inspire strength and tenacity in today's youth, reminding them that no matter how daunting life may seem, they have the power to overcome it by standing firm against the tide.
  5. Tyrell Spelling variation of Terrell that has origins in Norse mythology, the name Tyrell means Thunder; ruler.
  6. Foresti Foresti is derived from an Old Norse word meaning ‘forest’ which references both strength and protection. It symbolizes the powerful connection between humans, nature and its animals that are so integral to our world today. For someone looking for a meaningful name with lots of nature-based connotations this would be a great fit.
  7. Vidar An Old Norse name with origins in Norse mythology, Vidar means Soldier.
  8. Gandalf Named after the wisest of all wizards in Norse mythology, Gandalf embodies strength and wisdom. He was a mentor to many heroes and played an integral role in vanquishing evil forces.
  9. Liva Of Danish origin, Liva's name carries connotations of an olive tree.
  10. Toril Coming from the Old Norse word torir, which means "strong willed", Toril is a perfect name for your baby if you want her to grow up with determination and courage.
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  12. Idun Idun is an adorable Old Norse baby girl name meaning 'youthful evergreen'. According to the sagas Idunwas the goddess responsible for protecting youthfulness from Age with her magical apples which granted eternal youthfulness when eaten by gods or humans alike. All beings looked forward to harvesting these precious fruits every year.
  13. Eira From Welsh origin, Eira is a feminine version of snow.
  14. Erna This unique Norse name derives its origin from an old Icelandic word erni, which means eagle. Erna would be apt for your little one if you wish her to have soaring ambition with the spirit of a warrior.
  15. Valkyrie A fantastic being from the realm of Nordic mythos takes its root from this Fantastic namesake.
  16. Frey Frey is a Scandinavian name meaning Goddess of love, fertility, and beauty. It is believed to be the name of a goddess in Norse mythology who symbolizes bounty and prosperity.
  17. Beyla Beyla is a Spanish name that means "dance; beautiful". This name was inspired by Beyla the giantess, who appears in the Poetic Edda poem Hyndluljóð.
  18. Glaur Named after the Norse god of thunder, Glaur is a strong and powerful name for your baby. It means thunder or lightning, two elements of nature that often symbolize strength and courage. This name can evoke images of a courageous defender or warrior. It's also an unusual choice and often sparks conversation.
  19. Ingeborg Ingeborg is a German and Swedish name meaning guarded by Ing. It pays tribute to Ingeborg, an important figure in Norse mythology as one of Odin's many wives.
  20. Loki Loki is a famous Norse mythological figure known for his tricks and mischief. This mysterious god has been seen as both hero and villain throughout mythology. The origin of this name comes from the old Nordic language which translates to “Trickster God” or “God Of Mischief”
  21. Borr Borr is an ancient Swedish name meaning Son; Son of Búri. This was an appropriate title given to Baldr, also known as Balder, who was a major deity associated with beauty in Norse mythology.
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  23. Freyr Freyr is an Old Norse name that means 'He who is foremost lord'. It is also the name of a god in Norse mythology, the God of peace and prosperity.
  24. Mimir Mimir is an Old Norse moniker with various meanings ranging from “conservative” to “memory” and even “wise counselor.” For modern parents seeking to cultivate knowledge within their children, this could be just the perfect name as it suggests wisdom and remembrance of one's heritage.
  25. Kara Kara is a spelling variation of Cara, which has its origin in Norse mythology and means 'Dear', 'Friend', Beloved one' Diamond', or 'Pure'.
  26. Ragnor Ragnor is a Scandinavian name meaning 'judgement warrior'. This strong-sounding name was the given title to warriors who had earned great respect through their honorable actions on the battlefield.
  27. Sindri Sindri is a Norse mythological baby name, which means "Glittering". The origin of this name dates back toOld Norse mythology as one of the central characters mentioned in both the Prose Edda and Poetic Edda.
  28. Ingemar Ingemar is a Scandinavian baby name, meaning "Famous son". This name has been in use since ancient times with references to Old Norse epics and literature. It symbolizes strength, courage and honor when given as a baby name.
  29. Alvis Alvis is an Old Norse mythological baby name that means "All wise". This popular Viking-age moniker originates from the poetic Eddas, in which Alvis was described as a dwarf God who could answer difficult questions that even Odin had difficulty answering.
  30. Ragnar Ragnar is a Norse name, and means "wise leader". It has been popularized by Viking culture and historical figures in Europe.
  31. Signy Signy is a Scandinavian name which means "new victory", making it a great choice for parents wishing to give their child a strong, triumphant name.
  32. Búri Búri is of Norse origin and means "producer" or "father". This is because Búri was the father of the first gods in Norse mythology, so it is perfect for honoring this mythological legacy.
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  34. Njord Njord is of Scandinavian origin and means "man of the north". It's perfect for those who wish to honor their own northern heritage or pay homage to the myths of Scandinavia.
  35. Thor Thor is one of the most well-known names from Norse mythology, meaning both “thunder” and “strength”. It has both Nordic and Scandinavian origins, making it ideal for families originating from either region.
  36. Lief Derived from Scandinavian origin, Lief is a name given to those who are beloved and cherished.
  37. Odin Odin is an Old Norse baby boy name that means ‘spiritual warrior’ or ‘father of all gods'. He was one of the most important deities in Norse mythology as he was the ruler of Asgard and a god of wisdom, poetry, war strategy and death among other things. He could even give life to dead warriors to fight alongside him in battle.
  38. Inga This Norse name is known for its meaning of Hero's daughter. It is derived from Ing, the god of fertility.
  39. Frigg Frigg is a beautiful Old Norse baby girl name which stands for ‘beloved’ or ‘the one who loves’ in the language of ancient Scandinavia. In Norse mythology, Frigg was Odin's wife and queen of Asgard, she was also known as 'The Motherly' goddess associated with marriage and motherhood. She oversaw love affairs on behalf of her husband Odin.
  40. Tove Of Scandinavian origin, Tove stands for Good, an idealistic trait that all parents hope their children will embody.
  41. Skadi Skadi was an ancient Goddess associated with winter whose fierce strength always ensured she returned each year stronger than before - no matter how long her absence was! That same spirit makes this bold moniker fantastic for individuals looking for something more out there yet still containing lots of power behind it.
  42. Lunafreya This Norse name translates to Moon and also refers to the Goddess Luna.
  43. Aegir Aegir was the legendary God of the sea with his domain including the depths of the oceans and their many creatures found within them. His powers were vast enough that he had control over all waters on land, air or otherwise representing both strength but also danger! A regal choice which captures courage whilst harbouring captivating mystery.
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  45. Edda Of Norse origin, the name Edda means “rich” and references the Old Norse literature known as the "Poetic Edda".
  46. Nerthus Nerthus was an ancient Earth Goddess, one of the Tuetonic Vanir deities. Her domains included fertility, growth, prosperity as well as peace and harmony. This beautiful name evokes continual growth in every aspect while being rooted in peacefulness - making it an excellent option for parents looking for something special.
  47. Magni Magni is a Norse baby name with the meaning ‘the mighty one’ or 'wrath'. This was an epithet associated with Thor, suggesting courage and leadership.
  48. Bragi Bragi is a popular Old Norse God of poetry and wisdom. The name can be interpreted to mean "poet" or "one who praises". It is symbolic of the ability to create beauty through words and laud those around you. This unique name would be a great choice for a child who loves writing and expression.
  49. Ivar With origins in Norse mythology, Ivar is a Germanic name meaning “yew-bow army”.
  50. Heimdallr Heimdallr is an old norse baby boy name that translates into 'worldview' or 'brings shining awareness'. He served as keeper of the rainbow bridge between Asgard (realm of gods)and Midgard (realm where humans live). Heimdallr had astonishing eyesight and superhuman hearing allowing him to effectively guard both realms from any malicious attack.
  51. Bartram Of Scandinavian origin, Bartram is derived from an old Anglo-Saxon term that could mean “glorious raven”.
  52. Modi Modi is an Old Norse name signifying success-seeking energy: in Old Norse culture this was thought to come from Odin himself! As such, it connotes courage and ambition - traits that are essential for survival in our world today.
  53. Arik This Scandinavian baby name has a range of interpretations such as Forever or Alone, Ruler or Lion of God.
  54. Baldr Baldr is an Old Norse baby boy name which simply means ‘prince’. It has a slightly more powerful connotation than its English translation, as it implies strength, power and sovereignty. In Norse mythology, Baldr was the beloved god of light and joy who was slain by his own brother when tricked by Loki.
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  56. Dagur Dagur is a Norse name meaning “day”, evoking a feeling of eternal beauty and joy. It could also be related to the Old Norse word for “dawn” – symbolizing the beauty in a new day, or perhaps conveying a sense of impending sunlight after darkness and sorrow.
  57. Gunnar Gunnar is a common Old Norse baby name with hearty yet sophisticated connotations. This strong-sounding name translates to “warrior” or “fighter” in English and was commonly used to refer to Viking warriors in Old Norse mythologies. The power associated with this name makes it a great fit for parents looking for something bold but classic.
  58. Helgi Helgi is an ancient Norse baby boy's name that means "successful," "honoured," or "holy." The charming sound has brought Scandinavian tradition into modern times around the world. Commonly thought of as referring to legendary heroes from tales of pre-Christian Scandinavia, this beautiful moniker can live on through your little one!

The beauty of Old Norse Mythological baby names lies not only in their unique sound and fascination with the past, but also in their timelessness. Despite centuries having passed since Nordic mythology was put to practice, these heroic names continue to live on - bringing new life to an age-old tradition that proves old truly is gold. So for those seeking something special and meaningful for their little one, remarkable Old Norse Mythology baby names should be at the top of your list.

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