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Posted on: August 18th, 2017\""by Casey Anderson

When we were little, a lot of us girls dreamed about being a princess. We watched the Disney movies, we read the fairytales and we twirled around in our bedrooms with imaginary princes, or talking mice. Most of those same girls loved dressing up like princesses too, poufy ball gowns, tiaras and wands if we were fairy princesses.

And now, you’re pregnant and you’re supposed to be having a little girl. You want her to feel like just as much of a princess as you did! The movies we watched as kids were usually magical, and we all grew up to learn that life didn’t just work like that. Prince Charming didn’t swoop in and carry you off to his castle.

But, did you know there are over 40 nations in the world that are still run by monarchs? And the class discrimination among royalty is nothing like it used to be. Meaning there are regular girls being married into royalty in real life! Now, maybe your little girl isn’t going to be one of those, but you can still give her a name that’s fit for a princess!

Kate The name Kate means “pure.” Kate Middleton, officially Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, is probably the most popular princess right now. England’s royalty tends to be in the spotlight. So if this is your little girl’s namesake she’ll be able to get plenty of information.

Camilla Camilla means “attendant” usually referring to a religious attendant. Camilla is the official Princess of Wales, due to her marriage to Prince Charles. The name is beautiful and has a unique flow, and has Cami as a cute nickname.

Astrid I love the sound of this name, it’s bold without compromise. It means “divine strength.” Its choice here is inspired by Princess Astrid of Belgium who uses her title to support medical research and help fight against epidemics and domestic violence. What an awesome name and an inspiring namesake.

Kalina This pretty name means “viburnum tree” in Bulgarian. Princess Kalina is the daughter of the Tsar. She’s known for her creative fashion choices and work for animal rights. If you want your daughter to be a princess and a fashionista, this is the perfect choice!

Mette This unique name means “pearl” and it sounds just as precious. Mette-Marit, Crown Princess of Norway, married into royalty via the Crown Prince. She was a waitress and a single mother when she met the Crown Prince. This gives women everywhere hope!

Victoria Victoria means “victory” and is a classic name that has never gone out of style. Victoria, Crown Princess of Sweden is the heiress-apparent to the Swedish throne. She’s very active in government and charitable affairs. This is a name that just exudes success.

Iman There are two princess with that name in Jordan, Princess Iman Bint Al-Hussein and Princess Iman bint Al Abdullah. So it’s like a double princess name! It means “faith, belief.” It’s an uncommon name in most countries but very beautiful.

Kesang Another original sounding name, Kesang means “a fabulous period of time.” Princess Kesang Choden Wangchuck of Bhutan is our inspiration for this name. We love the exotic sound and the great meaning.

Masako This Japanese name means “proper child” and is inspired here by Crown Princess Masako of Japan. She is fluent in several languages and holds a BA in Economics. We think this name sounds active and fun.

Salma The name Salma means “safe.” We choose it from Princess Lalla Salma of Morocco, the princess consort. She is the first wife of a Moroccan ruler to have been given a royal title. We love that, and her name sounds so pleasant and, as it means, safe.

Desiree The meaning of this name is “so long hoped for” and we think that is lovely. We got the name from Princess Désirée, sister to the King of Sweden. The name just sounds so sweet and the meaning so filled with hope that we had to pick it.

Letizia Princess Letizia of Spain was already a famous journalist when she married the Prince Felipe. The name is a unique form of Letizia and means “happy and joyous.” We think it sounds that way too. Letizia sounds like a happy bouncy girl that grows into a graceful woman.

Claire This lovely name means “clear and bright” and that’s just how it sounds to us. I picture a glow when I hear the name Claire. Princess Claire of Belgium earned her title by marriage and has since supported many environmental and animal charities.

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