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Posted on: August 22nd, 2017\""by Casey Anderson

How many women out there dreamed of growing up to marry her Prince Charming? There are so many books and movies out there that romanticize this kind of love affair. How many little boys out there fanaticized about being dashing princes, rescuing damsel’s in distress and having the love of their kingdom? Some at least I’m sure!

Of course, most of girls grow up to realize that we don’t have fairy godmothers or talking animals that are going to help lead us to our prince. And most boys grow up to realize that they don’t have servants or kingdoms handed down to them. And that’s okay!

More importantly, we also grow up to realize we don’t need that! But who doesn’t still like the idea sometimes right? As we’ve said before, there are around 40 countries that still have a monarchy. That means there are opportunities for people to marry into royalty! However unlikely it may be, it’s fun to think about.

If you are trying to figure out a name for your little boy, and want him to grow up into his own sort of Prince Charming, perhaps you should look up some princely names for him! We thought that was a great idea, so we saved you the trouble and gathered some up for you. Now, royalty is not guaranteed with any of these names, but they sounds royal and that may inspire your son to greatness!

Andrea Prince Andrea Casiraghi of Monaco is the Grandson of Princess Grace Kelly, American actress. He’s an avid sportsman and has been named one of the 50 most beautiful people in the world. The name even sounds royal and special. It means “manly.” This is a perfect name for any gentleman.

Pierre Prince Pierre Casiraghi of Monaco is Andrea’s younger brother. He assists his parents with royal duties and is also known worldwide for his good lucks. He is another dashing prince charming to name your little boy after. The name is a French form of Peter and means “rock.” It’s a worldy sounding name we love.

Harry Prince Harry of Wales, the youngest son of the late Princess Diana, is one of the world’s most adorable and eligible bachelors. In addition to being a prince, he’s also a pilot and a philanthropist. The name means “ruler of the house.” Everyone loves this guy, and Harry is just one of those names everyone likes.

Hans The name Hans means “God is merciful.” Prince Hans Adam II of Liechtenstein is known for his financial prowess. He’s been entrusted to running his family’s vast fortune since he was 27. We love the short and spunky name, and it would be great for your little boy to grow up good with money.

Naruhito A name rarely heard outside of Japan, but we love the feeling of power behind it. Crown Prince Naruhito is the heir to the Emperor of Japan. He’s been very involved with water conservation efforts. The name has different meanings depending on the kanji used.

Amedeo Prince Amedeo of Belgium, also the Archduke of Austria-Este, has a great name. It has a sense of both urgency and grace. The meaning of the name is “Love of God.” We think this is an original and respectful name choice for any boy. It has a feel of authority to it as well.

Albert Princes have a think for A names. Prince Albert von Thurn und Taxis of German made his debut on the Forbes’s billionaire list at just 8 years old. So, at age 8 he had more money than most of us will ever see. He’s also a race car driver. Honestly, could he get any cooler? What a great guy to be named after. The name itself means “bright.”

Sebastien Prince Sebastien of Luxembourg is known for both his good looks, and his rugby skills. We are fond of the mysterious sounding name. The name means “revered.” There are many characters in film and literature to associate with it as well.

Philippos This is the Greek version of Philip, and means “friend of horses.” Prince Philippos of both Greece and Denmark has a look of boyish charm that could easily distract any princess. It’s a great name choice if you want something like Philip, but also unique.

Felix This name means “happy.” Our inspiration, Prince Felix of Luxembourg is a handsome prince who runs his own winery. What’s not to be happy about that there? It’s a catchy sort of name, sounds spritely and roguish. We think it’d be great for any guy.

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