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Posted on: August 14th, 2017by Casey Anderson

So, you just know your little girl will be a star right? You can already see that twinkle in her eye and a little bit of pizazz. You can’t wait to dress her up and show the world how cute she is, and she’s not even born yet. That’s ok! Sometimes we just know how awesome and wonderful our kids are going to be.

If you’re into acting, or your family is, then you are probably thinking about acting starlets and leading ladies. Or maybe you just like movies. You want your little girl to love the movies as much as you do!

Well, we have a perfect way to start. Name your daughter after a leading lady you love, and encourage her to be a star! If she wants to be of course!

Bette One of the first names that come to mind when we think leading ladies is Bette Davis. Bette is considered a diminutive of Elizabeth, but is very popular on its own. It means “God is my oath.” This Bette is so influential there’s a song about her, Bette Davis Eyes.

Doris This is an old fashioned name that’s coming back in style. Doris Day was a lady of grace and feistiness. She has a beautiful voice and was the quintessential girl next door. All the girls wanted to be her! The name means “wealth of the sea.” Plus, this one has the nick name Dori, which is all too popular now thanks to the Disney movie.

Marlene If you want your daughter’s name to represent someone a little more exotic, Marlene Dietrich is a great choice. The name is a form of Magdalena, thus means “woman from Magdala.” Marlene dazzled audiences with her daring personality.

Greta This one is inspired by Greta Garbo, considered by many the most flawless face in movie history. Greta means “child of light.” With her beauty, her mysterious personality and her unique voice, she was a star to many. The name is uncommon now, but still just as beautiful, your little girl could be unique and lovely.

Judy Judy means “admired” and the star we were inspired by, Judy Garland, certainly was. She had an amazing voice and a sort of emotional intensity. She was loved by fans and frustrating to directors. This is a great name if you want your little girl to be famous but in her own way.

Audrey The name means “noble strength” but for us it sounds like elegance and charm. Audrey Hepburn was an enchanting and charming leading lady whose movies are still popular today. She seemed to have an innocence that we just loved.

Lena Lena means “light.” Our inspiration is the talented and tenacious leading lady, Lena Horne. She overcame racial limitations and stereotypes to become the first African American leading lady in Hollywood. This is an inspiring name for any little girl.

Grace The name means, well, “grace” but has also been known to mean “goodness and generosity.” This is a lovely name in its own right, but thinking of Grace Kelly who was practically a fairy tale princess herself, makes us love it even more.

Shirley This is a gorgeous name that means “country meadow.” We were inspired today by Shirley MacLaine, who managed to be both a funny comedian and a dramatic actress. She had a career starting in the 50s and running into the 80s. She was a lasting leading lady.

Marilyn You can’t talk about leading ladies without mentioning Marilyn Monroe. The name actually means “bitter” but trust me, no one sees it that way. She somehow exuded both confidence and a child-like innocence and vulnerability that the world found captivating. She inspired a lot of love.

Ginger The name stands for the ginger plant, but to us, it stands for Ginger Rogers, the dancing queen. She was lovely and a great actress in addition to being an incredible dancer. It’s also such a catchy name, we just love it.

Julia For a more modern leading lady, we picked Julia Roberts. She has a fun girl next door vibe. She’s been known as America’s Sweetheart, and we couldn’t agree more. The name means “youthful.” She’ll be captivating hearts for years to come, just like your little girl.

Jennifer This name means “fair spirit” and reminds us of Jennifer Aniston. Women have been imitating her hair cuts for years! She’s fun and funny, but can be serious as well. The name was a little over populated but now the world is not so saturated with it and it’s a great time to choose this for your little girl!

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