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Posted on: August 10th, 2017\""by Casey Anderson

The summer season is full blown upon us. We’re enjoying it to the max! You might not being enjoying it so much if you’re pregnant. I hear that’s rough in the heat. But soon all the misery will be worth it right?

One of my favorite things about summer is summer picnics! I love the smorgasbord of foods, the cool refreshing drinks, the yard games and all the people you get to see. My family tends to get together more in summer than any other time and I always enjoy that. Does your family do the same? Young cousins can play and get to know each other, older cousins can bond over raising the kids who are just like them, etc.

Well, if you love summer picnics like us, you probably love picnic food. We thought that would be a great source of inspiration for baby names! Whether your child is due in the summer, you were pregnant through summer, or you just want to think of those beautiful blue sky days every time you say their name, we’ve got some ideas for you!


Mona We love the soft subtle sound of this name. Mona means “solitary” but it reminds us of that perfect summer drink, lemonade. You could also use Lemona if you wanted something even more original. A refreshing drink and a refreshing name for your little girl.

Honey Sweet as honey, that’s what it means. And it’s a perfect name for a sweet little girl. The bees are busy making this precious food for us and we think it’s a good nod towards them to use this as a name. It’s a golden reminder of summer all year long.

Maize A unique and beautiful name for a little girl, this is another word for corn. Corn on the cob is one of the best parts of summer picnics! It’s crisp and bright. A little girl with a name like that can be seen as bright and sharply intelligent. We love it!

Melony The name means “dark” but we prefer to think of it very differently. It reminds us of all the delicious melons we like to eat all summer, like watermelon, cantaloupe and more. None of the names sounded just right, but we think Melony covers them all!

Capri Capri means “whimsical” and how great is that? That alone feels like summer, but my original thought were the juice pouches, Capri Sun. We always have a cooler full of those at picnics for the kids! Either way it is a lovely name, thinking of a sweet and beautiful girl.

Mallow Mallow is a plant, which has been used since ancient Eygpt, when they would squeeze out the sweet sap, mix it with nuts and honey and offer it up to their gods as a gift. So, the name Mallow can be seen as food for the gods! We picked it of course for the fun and delicious tradition of roasting them over fires all summer. It’s a unique name that everyone will love on your little girl.


Frank This one is kind of obvious. Frank is another term for hot dogs, which are basically the epitome of summer picnic. The name means “a free man” and you always feel more free in the summer! It’s a nice name for a boy to grow into.

Colby One of many cheeses to be draped over a delicious grilled burger, Colby is one of our favorites! The name means “coal town” which is fitting when you’re making burgers over a coal fired grill! Colby is a fun name but still sounds distinguished.

Park You’ve probably know a lot of Parkers, but we happen to like the short version, Park. It reminds us of where we like to have those summer picnics. The name means “park keeper”. Park sounds like a fun but sophisticated guy.

Bing This one is a bit different, but means “crib.” We thought of it for the delicious Bing cherries in all those pies and fruit salads. It’s punchy sort of name, has a nickname sound. Bing will always feel like he’s part of the group, how can you not like a guy named Bing?

Basil Once extremely popular, it has diminished in recent years. But Basil has been rising in use the past three years. It means “kingly, regal” and makes us think of delicious salads with fresh basil, mozzarella and tomatoes. It’s a summer staple at my house.

Graham Though this name means “warlike” it makes us think of graham crackers, which are used in delicious smores! It’s hardly summer without having at least one! Graham sounds sophisticated and smart too, with that sweet little secret meaning you know of!

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