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Posted on: January 21st, 2018by Casey Anderson

Is your baby due in the winter months? Or perhaps your baby was conceived in the winter months? Or hey, maybe you just like the holidays and winter yeah? Lots of us do. I know there are downsides to the season, but, I'm going to skip those for now.

Well, my love of comics leads me towards then when thinking of great names. I love the idea of naming your kid after a super hero, and sometimes even a super villain! It's fun, it's unique and it's just something cool.

Since Runaways is one of the new 'it' comics, I'll looking here for some really original names. Yes, this one is about a group of kids that rebel against their evil parents. But, you know you're not evil right? And wouldn't you want your kids to keep you in check and watch out for evil? I hope so.

Now, on to the fun. Here are some original and a few everyday names that'll give you a great background to use when naming your baby:

Alex This name means 'helper and defender of mankind.' It's used for both boys and girls. It can be short for Alexander, Alexandria and many other names, but it also stands well on its own. Alex is the leader of the Runaways, and a bit of a prodigy. In the show it starts with him trying to pull all his old friends together.

Nico Nico means 'victorious people.' This is a very fitting meaning. In this story, Nico is a girl but the name is used for both genders. Nico is not yet a popular name in a lot of places so it's still rather original. The character in the comic and show is a very powerful witch, and a bit of a goth style.

Karolina Karolina means 'free woman.' It's a common name but we think changing the spelling like it is here makes the name stand out and sound edgy. Karolina is an alien posing as a human in the Runaways. This is a good name if your little girl seems out of this world while at the same time fits right in your heart.

Gertrude This is an old fashioned name that means 'the strongest spear.' It might not be popular now but the name has a royal history and sounds so sophisticated. Your little girl would be original! In the story, Gertrude has a telepathic link to an enhanced dinosaur, how cool is that!?

Chase Chase means 'skilled hunter.' Plus, it sounds cool and trendy. I've never known of a guy named Chase that people didn't like. Chase from this story is a bit of an engineering genius, who at first is underestimated. He has an awesome pair of futuristic gloves.

Molly The name Molly means 'rebellious woman.' The Molly in this story is the youngest member and known for both her positive attitude and incredible strength. She is a mutant, like X-men style. Molly is such a fun and sweet sounding name.

Xavin This unique boys name is undefined, but we really like it. In the story Xavin is a shape shifting skrull that joins the Runaways later on. The name definitely has a toughness vibe, no one would want to mess with a boy named Xavin.

Klara The name Klara means 'bright and clear' and is spelled in numerous ways. It always brings to mind a bright child full of innocence. The Klara in the story was an innocent who later on becomes part of the Runaways. She has the power to manipulate plants.

Dale Dale means 'living in a valley' it was originally a boy's name but has become popular for girls. It's a very friendly sounding name. Dale in the story is actually Gertrude>'s father and part of the evil empire called Pride. He's a very smart bioengineer. So, focus on that part.

Leslie Leslie is a name that means 'holly orchard.' It's another name that was originally used for boys, but it is now much more prevalent as a girl's name. It's always sounded smart and distinguished to me. Leslie is Karolina's mother, she's a leader of a cult like religion and one of the members of Pride.

Jonah Jonah is a name that means 'dove' and is often associated with the Biblical character from The Book of Jonah. It has been slowly growing in popularity for some time. Jonah is like a friend to the Runaways, but not a part of the group. He may or may not have his own agenda with helping them.

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