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Posted on: August 6th, 2017\""by Casey Anderson

As we’ve mentioned before, there are more than 10,000 saints in the Christian faith. With so many names and powerful stories behind them we felt like we could use some more for inspiration. Obviously there is religious significance here, but keep in mind that Christians do not worship the saints. They look up to them, they turn to them for strength and inspiration and in some cases they try to mimic their good and serving lifestyle.

Even without sharing their faith you can view the saints in a similar light. They were all amazing people that did incredible things. You can pick a saint whose patronage speaks to you and your family. Here are some ideas from us of great baby names inspired by some of these people.


Agnes Saint Agnes of Rome is the patron saint of young girls and girl scouts among others. The name means “chaste and pure.” Agnes was 13 when she refused to turn from God and offered herself as a martyr for her faith. That courage has made her one of the most popular saints. If you want your daughter to pure and stand up for what she believes is right Agnes is a very good name for her.

Elizabeth Ann Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton is the patron saint of in-law problems. Perhaps naming your daughter after her will help if you don’t always see eye to eye with the in-laws! She is credited with initiating the Parochial School System in North America. She also founded Sisters of Charity, which was the first Native American religious community for women. Elizabeth means “consecrated to God” and Ann means “full of grace.” You could choose one of these names or combine them for a unique use of common names.

Catherine Saint Catherine of Bologna is the patron of arts, artists, liberal arts and painters. This is a great namesake for a family with artistic leanings. She was a Franciscan tertiary by age 14 and was known to be an incredible person. She was considered a miracle work, a mystic, a prophetess, a visionary and a painter. The name itself means “pure.”

Bernadette Saint Bernadette of Lourdes is the patron of people ridiculed for their piety and poverty. She received a vision of the Virgin around the time of her first communion. She worked with the ill and impoverished with the Sisters of Charity and was admired for her humility and spirit of sacrifice. The name itself means “brave bear.”

Rita Saint Rita of Cascia is the patron saint of abuse victims and against loneliness. She’s also known as the patron of desperate, seemingly impossible causes and situations. She worked to bring peace to her city at war through seemingly impossible circumstances and always dedicated herself to hard and noble causes. She suffered many tragedies yet never gave up her faith in God. What a lovely name and a wonderful namesake for your little girl.


Anthony Saint Anthony the Abbot is the patron of grave diggers, basket makers and basket weavers. Sounds strange, but he founded monasteries in areas where the village people were supported by basket weaving and making, thus gaining that patronage. He also had the privilege of burying Saint Paul the Hermit, which lead to his patronage of grave digging. An interesting guy and a good name to use. The name Anthony is known to mean “priceless.”

Thomas Thomas More is the patron saint of adopted children, lawyers, civil servents, politicians and difficult marriages. A rather major history figure, Thomas More was an integral part of the Henry VIII kingship. Though they were friends he opposed the king’s divorce and refused to swear the oath of supremacy which declared the King the head of the church in England. He was executed for that strict adherence to his faith. The name Thomas means “twin” and is relatively popular right now.

Aloysious Saint Aloysius Gonzaga is the patron of Catholic youth, aids, care-givers and patients. He spent his youth teaching poor boys catechism and tended plague victims in the Roman outbreak. He dedicated his life to serving others. The name is said to mean “famous in war” and while not typical it has increased in popularity dramatically over the past year.

Dominic Saint Dominic de Guzman is the patron of astronomers and astronomy. He is the son of the Blessed Joan of Aza, who saw at his baptism a star shinning from his chest. This led to his patronage of astronomy. He was a miracle worker who is said to have brought back four people from the dead. The name means “of the Lord.”

Joseph Saint Joseph of Cupertino is the patron saint of air travelers, aviators and astronauts. He was often called the “Flying Friar” because he was said to levitate and float while hearing heavenly music. He beheld a series of visions in his life brought on by church bells or music. The name means “God shall add.”

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