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Posted on: June 24th, 2017\""by Nicole Huppenthal

One of the major struggles when it comes to picking a name for your little one is trying to strike a balance between a name that's unique and personal with one that carries the family, cultural or societal meaning and significance you want it to. With the amount of pressure sometimes in place to choose the right one, we�ve come up with 10 not too outlandish alternatives to 10 of the most common names.

As the popularity of the Irish celebration St. Patrick's Day continues to grow, it should come as no surprise that more and more people are turning to the Irish to find the perfect name for their baby. Whether you are of Irish decent, or just simply appreciate the Irish heritage, you may be surprised that some very common names are very popular among the Irish or come from words with strong Irish meanings.

While the names that parents choose for their children are becoming more and more unique as the years go by, it is still not quite as common to see true Irish names. For example, the very popular Aoife, Blathnaid, Orlaith, and Aoibh haven't quite made it to the top of the trendy names list for girls. Similarly, we don't see a lot of Oison, Darragh, Aodhan, or Fergal for boys. If you are looking to give a shout to the Irish in naming your baby, but aren't ready to take the full plunge into the Irish traditional, take a look at our short list of popular names that surprisingly still have Irish roots.

For the Lads:

Conor Anglicized form of the Gaelic name Conchobhar which means "lover of hounds." This is a name that has been used by many Irish kings.

Sean A very popular name in Ireland; means "God is gracious." There are nearly a hundred variations for both boys and girls with the same root.

Patrick This name was not generally given in Ireland before the 17th century because it was considered too sacred for everyday use. With the meaning "nobly born," it shares the namesake with St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland.

Liam "Strong-willed warrior and protector." Liam is the Irish shortened version of the very popular English "William."

Oscar Popularized by the works of Scottish poet James Macpherson, Oscar means "deer lover," and also has usage in Portuguese, Swedish, Italian, and Norwegian, among others.

Aidan With growing popularity in Scotland and the US, means "little fiery one," and has since added more contemporary forms such as Braden and Hayden.

Brendan: St. Brendan was a 6th-century Irish abbot who crossed the Atlantic and reached the Americas with 17 other monks; means "prince" and is the namesake of at least 17 saints.

For the Lassies:

Ava From the Irish Aiofe; means "beautiful, radiant, joyful" Has also been interpreted to mean "life."

Cara Highly ranked in Ireland, but actually stems from an Italian word meaning "beloved." Cara also directly means "friend" in the Irish language.

Shauna Like its male counterpart Sean, means "God is gracious"

Shannon From the longest river in Ireland, the River Shannon; means "wise river." Shannon also is said to be related to the names of several goddesses.

Kayleigh This name is derived from caol, which means "slender"; can also mean "slim and fair." There are many alternative spellings and forms used in the United States.

Fiona This name means "fair, white beautiful."; feminine form of Fionn and also very popular in Scotland. Shrek anyone?

Kyla: Stemming from Cadhla, which is an Irish baby boy name, this has been said to mean both "beautiful" and "handsome."

For Everyone:

Regan Comes from "sovereign, king" and can also mean "the king's child." Alongwith its variant Reagan, this name is becoming more common for girls, but is still seen more frequently among boys.

Rory: Irish name given to boys, means "red king." Another example of a name that is primarily given to boys among the Irish, English, and Scottish, but is becoming increasingly popular for girls in the US.

Quinn: Meaning "descendent of Conn," this name is popular for both boys and girls across the charts.

There are so many different names that can be linked to Irish heritage, although no matter where you look, each name may have a different story or origin. Which of your Irish favorites should be added to this list?

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