The Dos and Don’ts of Naming Twins

Posted on: July 1st, 2017\""by Ruth Fitzpatrick

EEK! The whole world is meltdown with the news of Beyoncé’s superstar-in-the-making arrivals! We’re sure she’s already picked out the most ultra-chic and fashion-forward names for her twins, but it’s no mean feat! After all, finding the perfect name is hard enough, but it’s twice as difficult when you’ve got two little bundles on the way! But don’t worry: we here at Nameslist are here to help, and here are some of dos and don’ts for finding the perfect pairings.

Don’t rhyme or pick names that are too similar! It might seem cute to have a Theo and Leo or a Lily and Billy, but chances are it will grow old pretty quick. Be conscious of the fact that as your little babies get older, they’ll display individual characteristics and personalities. They will always have a super close bond with their twin, but they will also eventually want to break away and become themselves. Also, if your babies are identical, calling them Lyle and Kyle or Noah and Noam is just going to add confusion for many years to come.

Do pick a theme! This can be super sweet and will give structure to the name pairings. You could choose flower names, such as Rose and Heather, or a Biblical theme like Elijah and Jacob. Or pick a common origin: an Irish pairing of Liam and Connor, for instance, or a Viking-inspired Erik and Magnus.

Place names are also an option, but it might add to rivalry! Aspen and Denver could definitely work, as they’re well-balanced. But while Paris and Milan might be the fashion capitals of the world, as a twin pairing they sound a little tacky. Likewise, while individually both of the names China and India are enjoying a surge of popularity here in the States, paired together, they look like a recipe for future geopolitical ribbing!

Don’t pick names that are overly long. Remember: you’re going to be shouting two names, not one, in a busy mall or park. Benjamin and Evangeline are both lovely names, but try saying them three times, fast! If your heart is set on long names, make sure there’s an easy and appealing diminutive you can use. Maximillian and Alexander can very easily be converted to Max and Xander for less formal, everyday usage. Or pair a long name with a short one. Sticking with the same example, Alexander and Max make a sweet pairing and are much more manageable.

Do choose names which are similarly common. Noah and Gideon sound like a good pairing and pass most of our baby choosing tests, but chances are: your little Noah is going to meet a lot of other Noahs, whereas Gideon might go through all of his childhood without meeting another namesake. This does could have the potential to cause friction. Better pairings would be Jacob and Noah or Gideon and Ruben.

And while your names needn’t follow a theme, it is better to choose pairs which don’t seem too different. Last year, roughly the same number of baby girls were called Genesis as Kennedy, yet Genesis and Kennedy don’t quite fit: one sounds ancient, the other modern. Genesis and Sarah or Kennedy and Madelyn would be better.

Don’t pick matching initials. And we know we’re in the minority here! Lots of twin naming lists will tell you that matching initials make the perfect twin pair. Think James and John or Emma and Eva. Both those pairs look and sound lovely, but on the purely practical side: having the exact same initials and birthdate could cause administrative difficulties in the future. If you are set on using matching initials for the first name, make sure your twins have unique middle name initials.

Another option – and a trend we’re seeing more and more – is to use the same letters for each name, so Iris and Siri, or Oren and Nero. That way the names share a connection, but not an initial!

Do make sure the names actually go well together! Once you’ve chosen your perfect names, say them out load, and say them often. Make sure you really do love them before you make it final! Decide beforehand which order you want the names to be said. Is it Aiden and Nile, or Nile and Aiden? Think about how the names sound separately and together: both Ella and Sam are beautiful names, but Sam and Ella could sound like a nasty food bug!

But finally, and most importantly: DO enjoy every moment of your baby naming process!!

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