Names that mean Truth

Updated: June 5th, 2024
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Midwife, Work, Wet Nurse, Durga
My Nation, Friendship, Industrious, Truth
Truth, Verity Truth
Diminutive of Letitia, Delight, Allesse, Joy
Modest Truth
Truth, Friendship, Industrious, Who is Loved
Truth, The Element Aletheia Meaning Truth
Truth of Life, God, With Great Desire and Wish
Inlet, Gulf, Wife of Kazuya in Teken, Ruler
Dearly Loved, Industrious, The Word Amicitia with the Meaning Friendship, My Nation
Child of Truth
Prince, The Honest and Kind Peace and Truth
All the Quality, Enlighten and Speaking Truth
Modest Truth
Form of Ernest, Serious, Battle to the Death, Sincere
Honest, Child of Joy, Truth, Beloved
Truth, Talented, Bay, Inlet
Loved One, The Beloved, Industrious, Truth
True Image, Faith, Truth, Bringing Victory
Lily, Size, Elevation, Lily- a Flower Name
Truth, Allesse, Happiness, Joy
Student, Ascetic, Divine, The Seeker of Truth
Truth, Faithful
Good Way, Wealth, Thankful, Which Leads to the Truth
God's Promise, Sea of Bitterness, House, My God is Abundance
Unique, Fighter of Love and Truth
With Great Desire and Wish, Truth of Life
Modest Truth
Of Noble Figure, Truth, He Who Wins, The Ascent
Truth and Reason, Wolf, Princess of the Sea, Lou
The Beloved, My Nation, Work Labour, Emilia
Of a Noble Kind, The Ascent, High, Exalted
Noble and Fight, Exalted, The Element Aletheia Meaning Truth, High
Criterion, Proof, Quran Sharif, Distinction Between Truth and Falsehood
Without a Doubt, Intact, Faultless, Not Suspicious
Friendship, The Beloved, To Love, My People
Truth, Of Noble Figure, The Ascent, High
Friendship, The Beloved, To Love, My People
Sincerity, Truth
Comely, One who Distinguishes Truth from Falsehood
Distinguisher (Between Right And Wrong), Discerning Truth from Falsehood
Industrious, Dearly Loved, God's Love, The Beloved
Shy, Stem End of the Meadow, Trustworthy, Inspired By a Place Name
Gift of God
Noble and Fight, Exalted, Truth, High
The Bright, Wished of Chld, Famous in Battle, Born at Daybreak
Modest Truth
Variation of Linda, Linden Tree, The Word Mere Which Means Mother, Of Death
Bless Full, Distinguisher (Between Right And Wrong), Can Distinguish Truth from Falsehood, Power of Discrimination
Real, Witness, Truth, Princess
Truth, Noble Sort, Mysterious, Honest
Movement, Of Truth, Bronze, One who Keeps Traditions (Riti Rivaz)
High, Truth, The Ascent, Of Noble Figure
Gentle Truth
Winged, Truth, Olive Tree, Verity
Son of Mark
Possibility, Complete, Reality, Proper
The Goddess of Truth
Princess of the Sea, Sky, Bitter, Beloved
Crue, True, Original, Truth
True Image, Truth, Victory Bringer
Archenemy or vengeance
Regulatedness, Owner of the Truth Way, Principle, Lord Vishnu
Self-Ruling, Truth, Own Country, Liberty
Good Behaviour, Policy, Truth, Justice
Beautiful, Honest, Divine Truth, Sacred Action
Speaker of Truth
One who Speaks the Truth
True Name
Ruler of Hundreds, Victorious, Happiness, Sunrise
Industrious, Loved One, My Nation, Truth
One who is Above All, Pure Being or Existence, Truth
Good and Truth Light, Shine, Lamp
Lord of Tradition
Friend, Boundless, Infinite, Unmeasurable
Real, Truth
Truthful Person, True, Truth
Shy, Faith, Summer, Confidence
Shy, Victory, Summer, Confidence
Wished of Chld, Of Death, Calf, Beloved
The Force of Truth
The Exalted One, Of Love, Truth and Reason, Calf
Truth, Of Noble Figure, Exalted, High
Lord of Truth, Lord of Truth Satyen
Satya Prakash
Light of Truth
Dream, Illusion, Wealth, To Increase
Truth, Confidence, Faithful, Shy
One who Distinguishes Truth from Falsehood, Divider Between Vice and Virtue, Distinguisher (Between Right And Wrong)
One who Brings Victory, Summer, Trustworthy, Truth
One who Conquers the Truth
Truth, Lover of Beauty
Innocence, Clarifier of the Truth
Open Truth
Truth, Beautiful Face
Speaker of Truth, Noble and Guardian
The King of Truth, True God of Heaven
Lord of Truth, Lord Vishnu
One who Distinguishes Truth from Falsehood, Correct Decision Maker, Good Person, Power of Discrimination
Truth, Justice, True, Real
Midwife, Abbreviation of Amalia, Wealth, Durga
Servant of the Truth
Moonlight, Shy, To Be Present In Latent, Bright One
Follower of Right Way, Good Behavior, Truth, Finance
Work, Water, Rebellious, Godsend Or: the Fertile
Victory Bringer, Confidence, Faithful, Truth
Beautiful Woman, True Nature, Truth, Her Own Roop
Knowledge of Truth, The Best
Fortunate, Short Form of Alicia, Felicia, Letitia
Handsome, Time, Real Learned, Essence
The Seeker of Truth, Ascetic, Which Bemühende, Divine
Verity Truth, Truth
Victory of Truth, One who Conquers the Truth
Noble and Fight, Exalted, Truth, High
Elevation, Truth, Lily, Lily- a Flower Name
Power of Discrimination, Happy, One who Distinguishes Truth from Falsehood
Victory Bringer, Confidence, Faithful, Summer
Champion of Truth, Lord Vishnu
Certainty, Boldness, Stability, Truth
Woman of Magdala, One who Brings Victory, Shining, The Torch
Truth, Sincerity
Supreme, Knowledge of Truth, The Best, Highest
Sathya Priya
Devoted to Truth, Love to Truth
Ruler of Truth, Statue of Truth
To Love, The Beloved, My Nation, Friendship
Truth, Lord Shiva, Fact
Sathya Raj
Exalted, Truth, Noble and Fight, High
Truthful, One who Speaks Truth
God, Truth
Victory, Confidence, Trustworthy, Shy
Champion of Truth, Lord Vishnu
Woman of Magdala, One who Brings Victory, Shining, The Torch
Beautiful Women, Her Own Roop, Truth
Satya Priya
Devoted to Truth, Love to Truth
The Element Aletheia Meaning Truth, Noble and Fight, Bright Red, Fruitful Land
Always Says Truth, Good Behavior, Morals, Justice
Servant of the Truth (Allah)
My God has Sworn, Wished of Chld, Truth and Reason, Bitter
Friend Truth
Talented, Wife of Kazuya in Teken, Supreme, Bay
A Word Describe Truth
Fruit Garden, Of Noble Figure, Fruitful Land, Bright Red
Dearly Loved, To Love, The Beloved, Industrious
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