Indian names meaning snow

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This is the list of indian names meaning snow or names that mean snow which also serves as indian baby names meaning snow to help you select a name for your child.
BisaGirl Greatly Loved Water Snow
BoraBoy/GirlSnow Excellent Brave Hurricane Foreign Strange Stranger

HaimaGirlSnow Frost Dew Golden Goddess Parvati
HaimiGirlGolden Goddess Parvati Snow
HemaaniGirl Full of Snow River
HimBoy Snow Ice Bright
HimaGirlHima Snow Winter Bindu
HimaadriBoySnow Mountain
HimabinduGirlDrop of a Snow
HimacalaBoyAbode of Snow
HimadriGirlHimalaya Peak of Snow The Himalaya Mountain
HimajyotiBoy With Snowlike Light
HimakaraBoy Snow Handed Causing Cold The Moon
HimambuBoy Water of Snow
HimanginiGirl Made of Snow
HimaniGirlParvati Snow
HimanjayBoy Winner of Snow Land
HimanshiGirlPart of Snow
HimantaBoy End of Winter Cold Snow Ice
HimanthaGirl End of the Snow
HimarashmiGirlFull of Snow
HimaratiBoy Enemy of Snow Fire
HimashwetaGirl As White as Snow
HimasutaGirl Daughter of Snow
HimathaGirl Always Smiling Fog Snow
HimavanBoy Cold Having Snow
HimavarshaGirl Snow Rain
HimeshBoy/GirlCool as Ice Snow Bright
HimuBoy Snow
KashmirBoy/GirlA Pleasant and a Cold Place Full of Snow Heaven
ManjuGirlBeautiful Pleasant Snow Dew Drops Sweet Heart Winner Charming
ManjuladeviGirlSnow Dew Drops
NevadaBoySnow-clad A Western Usa State Snow Capped
ShabuGirl Calm Dewdrop Snowdrop Peace Lovely Friendly
SheenGirlBrightness Snow
TuhinaGirlSnowstorm Dew Snow

TuhinsurraBoyWhite as Snow
TusaraGirlCold Frost Snow Mist Dew
TusharBoy/GirlWater Drops Hero Pal God Snow Fine Drops of Water Cold Water Droplets Winter Frost Swift
TusharkanaGirlA Particle of Snow
TusharsuvraBoyWhite as Snow
TushikaGirl Snowfall
TushnimsaraBoy/GirlFine Drops of Water Snow Dew
TushnimsilaGirl Snow Particles
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