Blisse name meaning

✍  Updated on: March 16th, 2023
Gender: Girl
Origin: English
Usage: English
Pronunciation: pronunciation of Blisse b-lisse
Meaning: Delight, Joy and Intense Happiness
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What does Blisse mean?

English name Blisse is prevalently used in English used as a girl name, meaning of Blisse is "Delight, Joy or Intense Happiness". Blisse is a variant spelling of Bliss. Bliss came from English is used particulary in English and English, meaning of Bliss is "Delight, Intense Happiness and Happy".

Does Blisse work as a baby name?

Blisse is a unique and charming name for baby girls that has British origins. It has a meaning of joy, happiness, and delight, making it an excellent choice for parents who want their daughters to have positive qualities.

Blisse is easy to pronounce and spell, which makes it easy for people to remember. The name exudes warmth and goodness, giving off a sense of cheerfulness wherever it is mentioned.

It's perfect for parents looking for something unusual yet beautiful for their baby girls. With its sweet sound and uplifting meaning, Blisse offers an ideal option for parents who want to give their little ones names that are full of life and happiness.

How do I pronounce Blisse?

Two syllabled Blisse is most commonly pronounced as b-lisse. There are multiple ways to say the baby name, i.e., bl(is)-se.

Variants of Blisse

Bliss, Blis

Middle Names for Blisse

Jazlyn, Jaslene, view more middle names that goes with Blisse

Names that rhyme with Blisse

How popular is the name Blisse?

Blisse is a familiar baby name in Gabon. As per our findings, over 300 people has been named Blisse globally.


What numbers say about Blisse?

Financial security doesn't matter to you much. Neither does a steady love life. Focus on inner peace, balance, harmony, helping those in need, kindness, and love. You lack traveling and exploring. You are a hard person to speak to, especially if when you are around people you barely know. You could be a poet because of the original way you express yourself. What makes you comfortable talking is noticing the person that you are interacting with, is honest and reliable.

Other names similar to Blisse

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Sibling Names for Blisse

Choosing a name for your little one is always an exciting task, but it can also be a challenging one. If you have selected the name Blisse for your baby girl and are looking for sibling names that complement it perfectly, look no further. Here are some great options to consider!

Sister for Blisse

Brother for Blisse

Famous people named Blisse

We could not find any notable namesake.

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