Park meaning and origin

Gender: Boy
Origin: Old French
Usage: English
Meaning: Of the Forest
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Trendy and Perennial boy name Park is dominantly used in English, Park means "Of the Forest" is rooted from Old French. Park is abridged form of Parker. Principally used in English and English long standing and loved, Parker, meaning of Parker is "Park Warden and Keeper of the Forest" is originated from Old French.

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Popularity of Park

Park is a unique baby name in United States, it has been in use since 1880 and was able to reach the top 600 names. In 1896, it achieved its highest ever ranking of 592 on boy names chart when 33 babies were named Park. There are over 1578 babies that have been given the name Park in United States. Also, Park is a familiar name in South Korea, Vietnam, New Zealand, Afghanistan, Nigeria, Canada, Australia, Malaysia, Cambodia and China. At least, 6000 people around the globe have been given the name as per our findings.

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What numerology tells about Park?

You have the heart of a warrior. At work, you are the innovator and researcher always focused on finding creative ways to solve things and improve the company's progress. When you walk into a room, people look to you as a leader. You are dominant in your circle of friends. You are the most self-motivated person you know. Your main characteristics are determination, courage, and enterprise. You want to achieve a great success and accomplish your dreams in order to prove yourself you can do it.

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Namesakes of Park

    Park Eun-kyung, South Korean field hockey player
  • Park Eun-sik, Korean historian and the second President of the Provisional Government of the Republic of Korea
  • Park Seung, Governor of the Bank of Korea;{{Cite news
  • Park Benjamin Sr., Park Benjamin Sr
  • Park Hye-won, retired South Korean short track speed skater
  • Park Jae-myong, South Korean javelin thrower
  • Park Tae-kyong, male hurdler from South Korea
  • Park Ju-young, South Korean long-distance runner
  • Park Ji-sung, South Korean former professional footballer
  • Park Chan-wook, South Korean film director, screenwriter, producer
  • Park Tae-sang, South Korean professional badminton player
  • Park Sung-hyun, world champion and former world No. 1 archer
  • Park Kwang-su, South Korean filmmaker
  • Park Yong-ha, South Korean actor and singer
  • Park Trammell, 21st Governor of Florida and represented Florida
  • Park Sang-min, South Korean actor
  • Park Sol-mi, South Korean actress
  • Park In-won, third mayor of Mungyeong City,
  • Park Yong-ho, retired South Korean football player
  • Park Kyu-seon, South Korean football player
  • Park Ji-yoon, South Korean pop singer, actress, and model
  • Park Young-seok, South Korean mountaineer
  • Park Shin-yang, South Korean actor
  • Park Mok-wol, influential Korean poet and academic
  • Park Dietz, forensic psychiatrist
  • Park Geun-hye, former South Korean politician
  • Park Chu-young, South Korean footballer
  • Park Overall, American actress
  • Park Ave., Park Ave
  • Park Shin-hye, South Korean actress and singer
  • Park Yeong-hun, South Korean professional Go player
  • Park Jung-suk, Pro Gaming player
  • Park Heung-sik, South Korean film director and screenwriter
  • Park Kwang-chun, South Korean film director
  • Park Eun-hye, South Korean actress
  • Park Hee-jung, South Korean professional golfer
  • Park M. Strader, Tennessee politician and a member of the Tennessee House of Representatives for the 14th district
  • Park Hyo-shin, South Korean ballad singer and musical theatre actor
  • Park Jung-sang, Korean professional Go player
  • Park In-hwan, Korean poet and author
  • Park Su-geun, Korean painter
  • Park Seung-hyun, professional Go player
  • Park Kun-ha, retired South Korean footballer
  • Park Si-hun, retired South Korean amateur boxer
  • Park Jung-ah, South Korean entertainer
  • Park Sung-joon, professional player of the real-time strategy game 'StarCraft'
  • Park Kyung-lim, South Korean entertainer and a comedian
  • Park Benjamin Jr., American patent lawyer, physician, and writer
  • Park Tae-hwan, South Korean competitive swimmer
  • Park Yeong-gyu, South Korean actor
  • Parker Price in On the Spot: Fashion Night Life as
  • Park Chan Ho is a South Korean baseball player.
  • Park Bench directed the short The Secret of Goat

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