Name Your Kid from Route 66: Arizona

Posted on: June 6th, 2017\""by Casey Anderson

Route 66, known also as the Mother Road, was one of the original highways of the U.S. Highway System. Nowadays that doesn't seem like a big deal, but back then, it was historic. There were songs and a whole TV show dedicated to it. So, what better way to pick a name for your baby? One day you can tell them your inspiration, the history behind it and better yet, take your child on a Route 66 road trip!

We've already covered Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas and New Mexico, and now we're moving west to Arizona.

Lupton This was originally a surname based on a town in England. It is a masculine name. It derives from a personal name, 'Hluppa' and 'tun' which meant 'village or settlement.' An entire village dedicated to people of that name, how neat. The name Lupton sounds upper class, like a guy of style and taste. The village is the gateway to Navajoland, and is at the foot of the beautiful Painted Cliffs, which was filmed in the movie 'Grapes of Wrath'. This is a beautiful scenic drive to take little Lupton through.

Houck This is a boy's name. The name is that of a sea fish and is another version of Hoek. A common version of this name is Huck, made famous by the book The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain. The name is grand based off the book alone, but the tiny town of Houck has its charm. It houses several bridges included in the National Register of Historic Places, and if your young Houck is anything like the Huck of Twain's book, he would love the adventure of seeing it.

Sanders The name means "Son of Alexander," and is a great alternative if you want to name your son after a family member named Alexander, but you want his name to be unique as well. Alexander means "to defend, help." The town of Sanders is quite small, but was a good stopping point along the original Route 66. The area is full of beautiful red sandstone.

Joseph (Joseph City) Joseph is a common name, meaning "he will add," and is typically associated with Biblical names. Sometimes the classics are the best. This name has an obvious nickname, 'Joe.' The town, Joseph City, is the oldest Mormon settlement in Arizona. Their closest temple however was in Utah, so in order to marry they would travel from Joseph City to Utah on what became known as "The Honeymoon Trail." Some historic attractions in the city include Howdy Hank's, Jack Rabbit Trading Post, and Ella's Frontier Trading Post.

Winona Winona means "first born daughter" in the Dakota language. This is a very pretty name for a little girl and has a nice 'old west' sort of feel, and obviously Native American. The town is now part of Flagstaff and has some wonderful natural attractions. There is Walnut Canyon and what is called 'Chocolate Niagara' Grand Falls on the Little Colorado River. There are also the forests of San Francisco Mountains and Coconino National Forest. A great place to get your daughter Winona interested in the outdoors.

Belle (Bellemont) Belle is name sure to increase in popularity with the new live action Beauty and the Beast movie. The name means "beauty" and surely any girl would like that. The name of the town means "Beauty Mountain" as it is in the midst of the beautiful San Francisco Mountains. The town had a scene in the 1969 American hit "Easy Rider." It's located in an open area in the forest.

Ash (Ash Fork) Ash is a diminutive form of Ashley, and refers to either the tree, or the residue of fire. Up until the 1960s Ashley was used as a masculine name, but since then it is predominately feminine. The name Ash however is used commonly for both genders. The town was named after Ash Creek, which was named for the trees around it. Ash has a mysterious feel and a sense of depth.

Valentine Though modernly associated with hearts and love, the name Valentine means "strong, vigorous, and healthy." That's a good way for a love to be too! This is a lovely name for a little girl. She could be called Val for short. What better name than one that makes everyone think of love and means strong and healthy? It's a perfect girls name. The town has quite a history, but the historic village is now entirely encompassed by Keepers of the Wild Nature Park. This is a sanctuary for large animals surrendered and rescued. It's open to the public 6 days a week and I'm sure your daughter Valentine would love to go and see them.

Thanks for reading the baby name tour through Route 66 in Arizona, next up will be California, our last stop!

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