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Posted on: January 17th, 2019by Elizabeth Henderson

The significance of a name is found in its meaning. The origin of a name is important for the parents because through it they get to understand the deeper meaning of the name and the potential impact of its meaning on the personal attributes of the baby. Animal attributes make up a powerful source of names for the newborns. As human beings, we admire certain attributes of animals. These characteristics form important meanings for names that we give to our young ones. In this article, I am going to discuss some first names that are inspired by animals. These names are worth considering by new moms in 2019.

Drake is an Old English name used to refer to the male duck. The name has both Latin and Greek roots where it is used to refer to a dragon or serpent. The male duck has a set of colored features and a graceful walking style which it uses to attract the female ducks. Therefore, using the name Drake for your baby boy means that he is characterized by masculine charm and grace.

Buck is a first name commonly used for the baby boys. Buck is an agile animal with powerful hind feet. It is fast and graceful and belongs to the deer family. The animal has two outstanding attributes: it is fast and intelligent. These attributes helps it survive in the wild despite the presence of many predators like the lions and leopards. For new moms who admire intelligence, Buck is a potential name for 2019.

The name Ralph has been in use for decades. In fact, in the late 17th century and early 18th century, it was one of the most popular names in Europe Despite being an old name for baby boys, the popularity of this name is still at par with most of the recent names. Ralph means the wolf counsel. A wolf is characterized by communication, intelligence, loyalty, freedom, and intuition. Therefore, the use of this name will probably inspire intelligence and freedom in the newborn.

Corbin is a Latin word for little crow or raven. The name is simple and elegant. Moreover, crow is known for its intelligence and adaptability. In some cultures, crown is a sacred animal that is deeply venerated and adored. The intelligence of a raven has seen it being used as tool of communication in the past; whereby it would be sent with notes to deliver to specific recipients. This intelligence of the raven may be the reason for the popularity of the name Corbin.

Closely related to Corbin is the name Raven. Both names seem to bear the same meaning; except that the former is used for baby boys while the later is used for baby girls. The girl named raven is supposed to be intelligent, witty, and charming all at the same time. Raven has been in use for many generations in Europe and America. Currently, it is in the top one thousand most popular first names for baby girls in America.

Tora is the Japanese word for a tiger. Tora is mostly used as a first name for baby girls. Tiger is a symbol of power and dominance. The key attributes of a tiger are high energy, persistence, strength, and a powerful sight. All these attributes are desirable for a would-be leader. In the wake of increased agitation for gender parity and feminism, a name like Tora is a powerful symbol of a woman who is ready to pursue her dreams without fear. Moreover, she is not cowed by the male dominance that hovers menacingly over her destiny.

Beverly is an Old English name that means beaver stream. Initially, it was a masculine given name before growing in popularity as a female first name in the early 18th century. Beavers are nocturnal rodents in North America. A beaver is hard-working communal animal and is the second largest rodent in the world. The meaning of this name and its origin does not provide a clear understanding of its popularity. Probably, the name is popular because it is sweet and elegant.

Leo is a Latin word for lion. Leo is a popular name for male babies. Lion stands for strength, courage, and power. Names influence the character development when people chose to live up to their names. Thus, a boy name Leo is likely to pursue the attributes of the lion. As a result, his character will be defined by courage, self-confidence, boldness, and self-esteem. In all his actions, he will often try to demonstrate these virtues.

Melisa means honeybee in Greek. The name originated from the character of a young nymph that cared for the god Zeus. This name has been popular in the English culture since the 18th century. Honeybees are hard-working social creatures. It is not clear whether the name Melisa is used to refer to the queen in the honeybee colony. If this be so, then Melisa is another term for a queen.

Dove is the symbol of tranquillity, humility, and peace. In many ancient cultures, a dove was released as a sign of peace between warring factions. Today, Dove is used as a first name for baby girls. This is probably because of its admirable characteristics that appeals to many moms. Moreover, new moms who chose this name for their little girls do so to illustrate the peace that comes with motherhood. They confess this peace in the name.

Jemima is an Old English name that means dove. Therefore, the names Dove and Jemima bear the same meaning. That is peace, tranquillity, and humility. Both names express the tranquil feeling that sets in heart of the new mom after a successful delivery; especially in cases where pregnancy complications may have created a lot of tension for the woman and her family.

Zipporah is a Hebrew name that means bird. A bird is a symbol of freedom. Hence, this name inspires freedom in the little girl. It challenges her to pursue the freedom to be herself and to achieve all her dreams, goals, and desires.

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