What's in a name? Strength, Power, Courage, and More!

Posted on: June 2nd, 2017\""by Nicole Huppenthal

Choosing the right name for your baby may feel like one of the most important decisions you make for him/her before the endless parenting decisions that inevitably come at birth. There are so many different paths you can take in deciding upon the perfect name ' to honor a family member, choose a timeless name, keep up with the trends. But what about what your chosen name for your child actual means and where the name came from? Why not consider the characteristic you want for your child, and find an appropriate name with meaning rooted in those traits?

We all want what is best for our children and we dream big for them from the moment we know they are coming. Our child is going to have a life of success and grandeur. Their name will be on the desk of the CEO of a Fortune 500 company. They will be an all-star athlete conquering the Olympic games. They will be famous and make powerful first impressions.

Following is a list of names that represent these hopes and dreams. These names mean strength, power, courage, strong, and great. Some are very classic, and others are very modern and surprising. Also included in our list is some of cultural value, and while a bit eccentric, definitely fall into the category of names that make an impression.

Boys' Names

1. Amell - a German name "power of an eagle" 2. Andre - the French form of Andrew that means 'manly' 3. Andrew - Greek for "strong, manly, courageous" 4. Aziel - a Hebrew name that means "God is my power" 5. Brayden - an English name meaning "brave, broad, wide" 6. Brian - uncertain origin, possibly Irish or Celtic. Means "strong one, high, noble" 7. Cary - in the German origin, means "strong" 8. Dixon - German, "Son of Richard," and Richard is "strong leader" 9. Drew - another version of Andrew, "strong and brave" 10. Garret - Celtic name, "rules by the spear" 11. Jared - from the Hebrew name, "one who rules boy" 12. Kade - Old English name, "body of a barrel" 13. Kano - a Japanese name that means "one's masculine power" 14. Maxwell - Transferred to first name use from the Scottish surname Maccus, or "great" 15. Owen - A Welsh form of the Latin Eugenius, or "well-born, noble" 16. Rinaldo - an Italian name that means "wise power" 17. Ryker - a Danish name that means "strength" 18. Sloan - a form of Slone - "warrior boy" 19. Val - from the Latin "power boy" 20. William - a compound name composed from the elements willeo - "will, determination" and helm - "protection, helmet"

Girls' Names

1. Audra - a French name that means "nobility, strength" 2. Breanna - feminine form of Brian, Celtic origin meaning "strength" 3. Brigette - derived from brigh, or "strength," Celtic in origin 4. Carla - a Portugese name that means "one who possess strength" 5. Daryna - From the Greek, "maintain well, possess and good" 6. Drew - can be used as a feminine form of Andrew, "strong and courageous" 7. Gervaise - French or Germanic, "spear servant" 8. Hilda - Latinized short form of hildr - "battle" 9. Jaiyana - an Arabic name that means "strength" 10. Kaycee - a short form of Cassandra, meaning "she who entangles men" 11. Kelly - a Celtic name meaning "bright-headed, warrior, defender" 12. Lottie - a Germanic name meaning "free man" 13. Louisa - a French or Germanic name, means "fame and war" 14. Maisie - Scottish pet form of Margaret, "child of light" 15. Margaret - Persian, meaning "child of light" 16. Marsy - another for of the Latin name Marcia - "martial girl" 17. Meghan - from the Welsh - "little pearl," another form of Margaret 18. Orzora - a Hebrew name that means "God's strength" 19. Shylah - in Irish, means "loyal to God, strong" 20. Valda - a German name that means "power, rule"

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