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Posted on: May 18th, 2017by Ruth Fitzpatrick

When it comes to finding the perfect name for your little one, bigger definitely doesn't always mean better. Although long, multi-syllabic names can sound melodious and graceful, we love these 10 short names for the amount of power, meaning and beauty they can pack into 5 letters or less!

Mae Short and sweet, this name is full of the memories of late spring and lengthening days. The diminutive form of Mary or Margaret, one of its meanings is "pearl". This name is beautiful on its own or combined with another, such as Katie-Mae, Anna-Mae or Sara-Mae. The Japanese Mai is also an option. Meaning "coyote", we love the wild variant.

Jack One of the most popular boy's names across the English speaking world, but what it lacks in originality it more than makes up for in character and style. Meaning 'God is gracious', this name manages to sound both strong and cheerful. Probably not the best option if there's already a Jill in the family, unless you want to hear the same jokes for the rest of their lives! And if you love the name but are still worried about uniqueness, then maybe consider the Cornish version, Jacca, or the modern variant, Jax.

Eve Considered by some to be one of the oldest names in existence! But regardless of your beliefs, this tiny name contains a whole lot of history, meaning and cultural significance. Hebrew for "life", it is an extremely touching name to bestow on your new daughter. Variants include the more popular Ava and Eva, but we think Eve is perfect just as it is.

Reid If auburn locks run in the family, then look no further than Reid! Meaning "redhaired" this name is considered unisex, though the vast majority of new baby Reids are boys. Maybe consider Reed as an alternative spelling if you're set on this name for your daughter; though pronounced the same, Reed is more evocative of nature and calm waters, and a slightly more feminine variant to the classic.

Belle With the recent release of a new Beauty and the Beast movie, we're going to bet that this name keeps growing in popularity. This short form of Isabelle is also the French for "beautiful" making it a beautiful name for your beautiful daughter!

Nash Meaning "by the ash tree", this name has elements of uniqueness without being too outlandish or overly unusual. In fact, in recent years it's been climbing up the popularity chart, and has been in the top 400 US baby names since the late 1990s. If the -sh ending isn't to your liking, then consider Nate as an alternative.

Blake This name has two different meanings: "fair-haired" and "dark"! Its duality doesn't end there, though: this name is truly unisex, remaining popular for both baby boys and girls and one that really works with either gender. It sounds strong and unbreakable, but still beautiful and calm; an all-round winner!

Ty Few names get shorter than this! Originally the diminutive of a number names of Tnames such as Tyrone, Tyler or Taylor, Ty has emerged as a name in its own right. We also love the similarly pronounced Tai. A unisex Maori name meaning "tide", this could be an excellent option for your future little surfer!

Edie This sweet little name has a certain Downton Abbey-esque charm to it, which continues to remain so in vogue. Edie has a much more contemporary ring to it than Edith, and is a slightly more unique option than to other E-starting names. Meaning "prosperous in war", this name could be particularly suitable if you're planning to raise your daughter to be a fighter, and to get the most out of life, no matter what circumstances she finds herself in.

Max Three letters which mean "greatest", a perfect name for your future champion! Originally the diminutive of Maximillian, Max sounds a great deal less pretentious to American ears. But be warned: more so than with other names, Max really shouldn't be used with all surnames! Max Payne would be an awesome wrestler name, but a pretty heavy burden for an elementary school student!

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