Names as different as Night and Day

Posted on: October 28th, 2017\""by Casey Anderson

There are night people and morning people, but all of us can see the beauty in both phases of a human day. The cycle of our sun and moon are consistent and beautiful. They’ve inspired stories, poems, scientists and more for ages. So, with excitement of an upcoming solar eclipse in my area, I started thinking about what a good inspiration for names this could be.

There are many names and words that mean night and day in every language. I’ve hunted through some of them and put together a list I think you’ll find a great resource for naming your child after these natural occurrences. Many of these names are unisex, so I’m not separating by gender, but I will specify in the name if it’s strongly used one way.

Night Names

Ajambo This name means “born in the evening” in the African Luo language. We love the exotic and energized feel of this name. It can be a great nod to African heritage, or just chosen for the meaning and sound of it. This is used for girls.

Koko This is a Native American Blackfoot word for “night.” An excellent choice if you have Native American heritage but still a respectful choice if not. It sounds decadent and beautiful. It feels like night. This would be a unique choice for any child.

Amaya This sweet sounding name means “night rain” in Japanese. This is used for girls. It elicits visions of a sweet summer evening rain for me, which is a comforting thought. It’s also a twist on the popular name Maya, making it a bit more original and timely.

Otieno This boy’s name means “born at night” in the African Luo language. The feminine form is Atieno. Otieno sounds classy and sophisticated to me, and a little like someone you wouldn’t want to mess with.

Asra This one means “travel at night” and is used for girls. It’s sourced from Arabic. There is also the similar Isra, which means “nocturnal journey.” We like them both! They sound exciting and important.

Atheer Atheer is an African word for “the sound of night” and is used as a boy’s name. It sounds strong and brave. Like someone a little intimidating that also makes you feel protected.

Busana The name Busana is Israeli for “night girl of the moon.” How pretty is that? Sounds like a very free-spirited girl.

Keiran This rugged sounding name means “dusk” in Gaelic, and is a great name for boys. It’s perfect if you have Irish or Scottish heritage, but great even if you don’t. It’s a modern version of a tough guy name.

Usha This original name means “Dawn, sister of the night” in Sanskrit. Really Usha could work for both night and day, but it feels like more of a night name. A bit haunting and mysterious.

Day Names

Adour This is an African name that means “born at dawn.” It also sounds like the word adore, which is nice. We love the uniqueness of it.

Altan The meaning of this one is “dawn” and it is a Turkish name. Predominantly used for boys. It sounds similar to typical names like Alan, but also unique as well.

Kalinda A Hindi name that means “the sun.” It’s very pretty with a nice flow and manages to sound good in any environment. If your daughter thinks the name is too long she can always go with Kali or Linda.

Dag This name is short and punchy. Dag is from Norse mythology and is considered the son of the night who brought the daylight back each morning. So, in a way, Dag is the bringer of daylight. I think this makes a great little boy’s name.

Phoebe In Greek this name means “bright one.” Since bright is associated with daylight, we think it’s a good choice for this list. There was the popular character on the TV show Friends that brought this name to light for many.

Zaria This Slavic name means “morning star” and has a jazzy sort of feeling to it. Zaria comes across as upbeat and cheerful. A perfect name for a sweet little girl.

Uri This name has Hebrew origins and means “my light” which is what all babies are when born. We think it’s a great boys name. Original without being weird.

Ciana This lovely name has Italian roots and means “light.” We love the way the sound comes off your tough, it sounds so pretty and graceful, maybe a wonderful name for a little girl.

Kyra and Kyros Kyra is the female version of Kyros, which both mean “like Ra, the Sun.” Both names are strong and bold sounding. Might be confusing to use both in one family, but we couldn’t pick one so decided to share both with you.

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