Baby Names Inspired by Summer

Posted on: June 17th, 2017\""by Casey Anderson

I don't know about you, but we love summer. Personally, I was born in June, at the cusp between spring and summer, and I love them both! Whether your baby is due in the summer months doesn't matter, you still might want to name them after something that brings to mind this time of year!

Well, we're with you! We like the idea of the freedom and warmth of summer being present in someone's name. We've been asking around and thinking of all the best names that scream "summer" to us so we could make you this list. Let's start with the obvious:

Summer Right, I know, of course. But this is a great name. It's pretty, it sounds friendly and warm. I can't imagine any little girl not being happy with such a wonderful name. And after all, she's going to be your little ray of sunshine right?

June A decidedly old fashioned name yes, but a classic. The month of June is a great one! School is usually ending, flowers are blooming and it's not quite unbearably hot yet. Plus, the name of the month came from the Roman goddess Juno. She was consider queen of the heavens and protector of women.

Suma This name has multiple meanings, but one of them is "born in the summer" so this is a great pic if your little girl is due in the summer months. If you want something that says summer, but is a little less obvious, this is a unique and beautiful pick. Pearl This is the birthstone for the month of June, and coming from a sea creature itself it sounds like summer. This is another classy, vintage name. It sounds both dainty and strong, as well as natural and beautiful.

Daisy This name is perfect for summer! These wonderful white and yellow flowers are all over the place. For years little girls have been making necklaces and crowns from this namesake. It of course comes from the flower, but the name of flower means "day's eye," and I think that's just lovely. It makes me feel like little Daisy will love to be out and seize the day!

Ruby This is July's birthstone, it is both a beautiful stone and a beautiful name. The stone is named after the Latin word ruber, which means red. The red of a ruby is rich and stunning, always eye catching and often preferred over diamonds. We think any little girl with this name is bound to love it!


August Coming from Augustus which means "venerated" August has become a popular name in its own right. It sounds a little less old fashion, but just as respected and powerful. Many great men in history with this name.

Leo Leo is the astrological sign for those born from July 22 – Aug 22. Its symbol is a lion, which is also the meaning of the name. Leo is a good name by itself, but it's also a nickname from a lot of great names: Leonardo, Leonidas, Leopold etc. So you could pick one of these distinguished names and call him Leo, or just name him Leo and be short and to the point.

Julian So, it's not where July came from, but it sure sounds like it! Julian is the kind of name that makes you think of a sunny field, wheat blowing in the wind. It also sounds aristocratic and kind of like a heart throb.

Forrest Many kids love to hang out in the forest in the summer! They build tree houses and climb trees and play hide and seek. The fun can go on and on. The name Forrest means "of the woods" and is an energetic natural sounding name that certainly means summer to me.

River Not everyone can go to the beach for summer break, but a lot of kids can find their way to a river. River means "flowing body of water." So this sounds like a guy to me that is always on the move. River is refreshing and full of energy.

Orion This unique names means "rising in the sky." Orion is a Greek mythology character whom when slain, it is said Zeus put in him the sky as the brightest constellation. One of our favorite summer activities is star-gazing and we think this is a perfect summer name for your little boy.

And finally, a great unisex name for a summer baby:

Sky Obviously the sky is around all year, but we tend to watch it more in the summer. Everyone knows the joy of a blue sky with white fluffy clouds. It can also be spelled Skye and has been used as a great name for both girls and boys. It sounds soft and mysterious but also powerful. This is a great name for any gender.

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