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Posted on: July 20th, 2017\""by Casey Anderson

Many of us have always admired the French for their style and sophistication, not to mention their wine. People seek out French designers, French recipes, and generally want to be inspired by anything French.

Maybe that’s you, or maybe it isn’t. But, if you’ve been trying to decide on names from your baby and you’re getting tired of all the options you’ve seen so far, let us show you some of the French influence. Give your little one a unique and beautiful name from a beautiful country!

If you’d like your child to have the elegance and chic of the French, a nice French name is the place to start!


Chloé This is a very pretty name that means “blooming.” It has a soft and gentle feel to it. We love how the name seems to blossom, like its meaning. We think any girl would be very stylish with Chloé as a name.

Louise This strong girl’s name means “renowned warrior.” Louise will be someone who fights and protects. It gives the impression of steady girl who still knows how to be chic.

Inès This lovely name means “pure, virginal” and is popular in many countries. It sounds exotic but not too far out there. It also sounds like someone with impeccable taste.

Lina This petite little name means “tender.” It’s not necessarily a French name, but it is rather trendy there. We love how gentle and sweet it sounds.

Adèle This is the French form of a name that means “noble.” It reminds us of a French princess. It’s also popular due to the singer of the same name.

Yvette This is the French feminine form of Yves, which means “yew.” This is a very popular name in France and is becoming trendy in other places as well. We love the chic sound of it.

Camille We love the way this ones sounds. Camille means “virginal” and the name comes from a maiden warrior of history. It sounds so high society and chic sounding!

Amelie This pretty and dainty sounding name is the French form of Amelie. It sounds so soft and delicate, like a little French doll. We think it’s glorious.

Josette This popular French name is a diminutive of Joséphine. It is very sweet and innocent sounding. It is rare outside of France, but lovely anywhere. It means “God will give.”

Sandrine This one is considered both the French variation of Alexandra and of Sandra. But it’s much more unique and chic! Your little girl will have lots of nickname possibilities with this one, Sandi, Drine, Rine, Andri and whatever else you can think of!


Jacques This name just sounds so French. It sounds like a handsome aristocrat. The name means “one who supplants.” It is the French form of Jacob, and I have to say, I like it much better.

Étienne This is the French version of Stephen, and we find it much more stylish. It means “crown” as well. So if you want your little guy to be suave and chic with a noble character, this one is perfect.

Tristan This name has a lot of sources, but it’s the French version of a name, Drustan. And we happen to think it sounds romantic and elegant.

Sébastien This is the French spelling of a name popular in numerous countries. We love the upper class feel of it. It is very très chic!

Lucas This modish name means “bright, shining.” It’s a French form of Luke, and is well liked. It sounds more sophisticated and original than Luke itself.

Hugo Bright in mind and spirit is the meaning of this name. We love it. Hugo is the surname of Victor Hugo, who penned the famous French novels of Les Miserables and The Hunchback of Notre Dame. And it’s also enjoyed increased popularity due to the movie, Hugo, about a young boy living in a train station in Paris.

Théo The French version of this name is pronounced a little differently, it’s TAY-o. We think that makes it sound much more chic! It’s still considered a short of Théodore, which means “god gift.”

Armand This dashing name means “soldier” and was once considered the most romantic name in the world. It is such a classy French name and chic as can be.

Pierre This name is familiarly French, and is their form of Peter, which means “stone.” Perhaps you have a Peter in your family you want to honor while keeping your sons name unique and stylish? Pierre is a perfect choice.

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