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Posted on: February 3rd, 2019by Elizabeth Henderson

Names help form an identity and to promote desirable traits. Names are also influenced by culture. Every society has specific culturally accepted attributes which are expressed in the names. Having said so, it is also prudent to mention that the Greeks have played a significant role in our civilization. When they ruled the world, the Greeks also imparted their cultural values on us. The Spartans were very important people in their time. They exhibited some behaviour that we can relate with even today. One of the most significant aspects of the Spartan culture is their naming traditions. The Spartan names were characterized by virtue, honour, and appreciation of nature. In this article, I will discuss some of the most outstanding Spartan names and how these names would make good choices for the new moms of today.

Basil means king-like. The Spartans observed the hierarchy of seniority. This hierarchy was characterized by valour, bloodline, and wealth. Therefore, using this name on the baby boy was an affirmation by the parents that the boy will grow in courage, wealth, and political power.

Belen is a Spartan name for the baby boy and it means arrow. The Spartans were courageous in war and the arrow was one of the most important weapons of the time. An arrow is sharp and focused. Similarly, the bearer of this name would be focused.

Alec was a name meant for the baby boys with its meaning being the defender of humankind. In essence, Alec was a courageous leader who would stand up against the outsiders who would destroy his community.

Darius is a Greek name for the baby boy which means the wealthy. This name was mostly used for babies born into wealthy households, especially the apparent heirs to the ruling families.

Flavian is a girl's name which means blond. Like other cultures, Spartans also used the physical attributes as the basis for choosing names. Hence, a girl born with a blond hair was likely to have the name Flavian in the case where the hair type appeared fascinating to the parents. Otherwise, other attributes would be used to pick out names for them.

In Greek culture, the name Theron means untamed; and could also mean the hunter. This name describes the baby as wild and adventurers. It was mostly used for the baby boys. This name inspires the characters of freedom, curiosity, and exploration.

Gorgo means lively in Greek. It is also a name for the baby girl. This name possibly fits the profile of babies who exhibit high energy, enthusiasm, and liveliness during their formative years. Giving such a girl this name would influence her to live a life full of fun, vigour, and happiness.

Leonidas comes from the name lion. Hence, Leonidas means the brave. This was the name of the king of the Spartans during the Persian invasion. He is known for giving out his life and that of his army to defend the honour of his people and the sanctity of his land. In the end, he lost his life but his name remained to inspire many who came after him. Today, this name appears in cuter versions such as Leo, Leon, and Leone.

Jace is a Spartan name for the baby girl and it means the healer. Jace is an occupational name. The bearer would be one born into the family of healers; hence, she would be expected to follow in the footsteps. Jace is short and elegant. However, its meaning may not make it attractive for the millennial moms.

Ezio means the eagle. An eagle has sharp eyesight that enables it to see farther than other birds. Since names influence characters, the boy named Ezio would strive to develop wisdom and foresight, effectively becoming a leader.

Zoe was a Spartan name for the baby girl. The name Zoe means life. The simplicity and elegance of this name has seen it remain one of the most popular names for girls for centuries. The popularity can also be attributed to the attractive meaning attached to it.

Agis originates from the Greek word ago which means to lead. This was a common name among the Spartan kings. This name was probably common among the kings because of its meaning. Agis may not be fashionable for the millennial moms; however, it is sweet and has a meaning which one can easily relate to.

Charilaos is a Spartan name that means the intelligent one. It was adopted into the Spanish culture with a new spelling: Carrillo. However, even in the adoptive culture the name has still maintained its original meaning.

Pelops means the dark face. The name was used for the baby boys; with one of its bearers being the king of Sparta. Tantalus means condemned to external torment. Tantalus was the name to Pelops, one of the kings of Sparta. The meanings of both names only forecast bleak future for the bearers. The two personalities did not have good endings, an indication to the bad luck associated with these names.

Nabis was a Spartan name whose meaning was the seer. In the Spartan society, the seer was an important person who helped plan for the future. The meaning of this name does not make it attractive for our use because of the changes in culture.

Adoni is the feminine form of the male name Adonis. In Sparta, Adonis meant, the one who fights dragons. In this culture, women were not warriors. Even so, this name was used to inspired courage in a girl so that she could live out to her potential.

Desma means vow. The name was useful where the mother had made a vow with one of the Greek gods or goddesses.

Helen means shinning light. Helen of Troy was the daughter of Zeus, one of the kings of Sparta. Her charm and beauty was blamed for the Trojan War.

Atalanta is a female name which means the balanced. She demonstrated courage and strength; by competing favourable in male-dominated sports. The use of this name would inspire the young girl to pursue her dreams without reservations.

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