Uncommon Latin names meaning beloved with letter A

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For those of you who likes names beginning with the first alphabet of English. These are super fine searched unusual Latin names for boys and girls that means "beloved" or "lovable."

Aimee Aimee is a unique girl name with a beautiful meaning "Dear to the heart." It is a variant spelling of much popular 1970s favorite, Amy and retains its original French spelling. Double 'e' in the name gives it more of an air of beauty. Moreover if you like Emily you are also going to love Aimee.

Amabel Amabel is pretty and unusual name and at the same time not too fancy or strange. Modern female form of Late Latin masculine name "Amabilis" which means "lovable." If you like Annabel then Amabel is worth considering. You can also play around with the spelling and choose Amable (Spanish), Aimable (French), Amabile (Italian) or Amável (Portugese) without making any compromise with the meaning.

Amandine Amanda is a popular name reached at #2 spot at its peak but most of the prominent names are overused and not everybody can go well with it. If you are one of them, you can go with its popular French diminutive "Amandine" which is much more attractive feminine form. John Malkovich also gave this sophisticated name to his daughter.

Amata For people who loves mythological names, Amata is one of the few female names which sounds majestic and is fit for modern day use and is becoming popular among people with Italian or Polish descent. Amata was married to Latinus. Amata means "Beloved" which came from Late Roman, Amatus. The popular English name Amy is originated from Amata.

Amado / Amato If you are looking for a Spanish name, you can choose Amado which is another form of Amatus, in Spanish. It is a consistent boy name in United States since early 1990s. Amado is a perfect choice for parents in terms of popularity. You can also choose Italian variant of "Amatus", Amato. Amato was the name of former 2 time Italian Prime Minister.

Amadea Amedea is yet another exotic and uncommon name for your little princess which sounds super-feminine. It is a feminine Italian derivation of Roman first name "Amadeus" composed of Latin words "Amare" and "Deus", together they mean "Love of God". But if you want to name a boy then you can also go with Amadeo or Amedeo.

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