Names that mean Religion

Name Origin Gender Meaning
Adharma  Sanskrit Boy Irreligion, Breach of Duty
Afifedin  Who Practices Religion Strictly
Afif-ud-Din  Arabic Boy Virtuous of the Religion
Afsaruddin  Arabic Boy Adorning / Crown of the Religion (Islam)
Afsar-ud-Din  Arabic Boy Adorning the Religion

Aftabuddin  Arabic Boy Sun of the Religion (Islam)
Aftab-ud-Din  Arabic Boy Sun of the Religion (Islam)
Akaldharam  Boy Religion of Eternal Truth
Ala Al-Din  Arabic Boy Excellence Of Religion
AlaaUdeen  Kannada Boy Excellence of Religion
Alaa-Udeen  Arabic Boy Excellence of Religion
Alaaudin  Arabic Boy Excellence of Religion
Alaedin  Grandeur of Religion
Alauddin  Arabic Boy Glory of Religion (Islam)
Ala-ud-Din  Arabic Boy Glory of Religion (Islam), Excellence of Religion
Aleaddine  Grandeur of Religion
Aliedin  Of Noble Religion, Superior
Amadedin  Pillar of Religion
Amanuddin  Arabic Boy Trust of Religion Islam
Amardharam  Boy Immortal Religion
Amineddine  Man of Trust of the Religion
Aminuddin  Arabic Boy Trustworthy in Religion (Islam)
Amirdine  Who Holds the Command of Religion
Ansar  Arabic Boy Helper, Friend, Patron, Supporter
Ansar  Boy Helper, Friend, Patron, Supporter
Asiruddin  Arabic Boy Honoured Person of the Religion
Azududdin  Arabic Boy Support of Religion Islam
Azzeddine  Power of Religion
Badreddine  Plenitude of Religion
Badredin  Beauty of Religion
Badruddin  Boy Full Moon of Religion, The Moon of the Faith
Bahaddine  Splendor of Religion
Bahaeddine  Splendor of Religion
Bahaedin  Splendor of Religion
Bahauddin  Arabic Boy Glow of the Religion, Glow of the Religion Islam
BahiyudDin  Arabic Boy Radiant, Brilliant of the Religion Islam
Bahiyud-Din  Arabic Boy Radiant, Brilliant of the Religion (Islam)
Bedaruddin  Arabic Boy Attentive to the Religion
Borhanedin  Strength of Religion
Bourhaneddine  Obvious Evidence of Religion

BurhanUdDin  Arabic Boy Proof of the Religion Islam
Burhan-ud-Din  Arabic Boy Proof of the Religion (Islam)
Chamseddine  Sun of Religion
Chamsedin  Sun of Religion
Charafedin  Honor of Religion
Chihabeddine  Star of Religion
Chihebedin  Star of Religion
Dahma  Tamil Girl She was a Scholar of Religion and had Learnt from her Brother Al-imam Al-mahdi, She was a Scholar of Religion
Daibadin  Hindi Boy Creator of Religion
Darma   Indonesian Girl Custom, Decree, Law Religious, Path of Life
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