Names that mean Shiva

Name Origin Gender Meaning
Aadalazhagan  Tamil Boy Lord Shiva
Aadarko  Tamil Boy Lord Shiva
Aadarsh  Hindi Boy/Girl One who has Principles, Lord Shiva, Ideal, The Sun
Aadharsh  Tamil Girl The Sun, One who has Principles, Lord Shiva, Ideal
Aadharshan  Tamil Boy One who has Principles, Lord Shiva, Ideal, The Sun

Aadharshana  Tamil Girl One who has Principles, The Sun, Ideal, Lord Shiva
Aadharshanaa  Tamil Girl Ideal, Lord Shiva, One who has Principles, The Sun
Aadharshini  Tamil Girl Ideal, The Sun, Lord Shiva, One who has Principles
Aadharshun  Tamil Boy One who has Principles, Ideal, The Sun, Lord Shiva
Aadhikara  Hindi Boy Lord Shiva
Aadhikeshavan  Tamil Boy Lord Shiva
Aadhirayan  Tamil Boy Lord Shiva
Aadhiseshwar  Tamil Boy Lord Shiva
Aadhishwaran  Tamil Boy Lord Shiva
Aadhithyan  Tamil Girl The Sun, Lord Shiva
Aadya  Sanskrit Girl Goddess Parvati, One who is Always First and Best, The Earliest, Light
Aaghesha  Tamil Girl Lord Shiva. the Sky 'Aaghayam'
Aahesha  Tamil Girl Devotion to Lord Shiva
Aalan  Tamil Boy Lord Shiva the Ruler
Aalekh  Boy Learned, Painting, Picture, Shiva
Aanish  Tamil Boy Close Friend, Companion, Punctual, Lord Shiva
Aarooran  Tamil Boy Lord Shiva
Aarudhra  Tamil Girl Lord Shiva, Gentle
Aarura  Tamil Girl Lord Shiva
Aaruran  Tamil Boy Lord Shiva
Aaruthan  Tamil Boy Lord Shiva
Aaruthi  Tamil Girl Lord Shiva
Aaruthra  Tamil Boy Lord Shiva
Aaruthran  Tamil Boy Lord Shiva
Aaruthura  Tamil Girl Lord Shiva
Aashu  Tamil Boy Lord Shiva, Active, Quick
Aashutosh  Kannada Boy/Girl One who Fulfills Wishes Instantly, Another Name for Shiva, On Seat, Happy
Aatharshan  Tamil Boy The One who Worships Cow, Which is a Primary Vehicle for Lord Shivan
Aathees  Tamil Boy Derived from Lord Shiva - Aatheeshan
Aatheesan  Tamil Boy Lord Shiva
Aatheesh  Tamil Boy Lord Shiva
Aatheshan  Tamil Boy Lord Shiva
Aathi  Hindi Girl Lord Shiva, First, Sun, Arranger
Aathikesan  Tamil Boy Lord Shiva, Diving Guidance
Aathikeyan  Tamil Boy Lord Shiva

Aathiruban  Tamil Boy A Divine Being, Lord Shiva
Aathishankar  Tamil Boy Lord Shiva
Aathisyan  Tamil Boy Lord Shiva, A Divine Supreme
Aathiththyan  Tamil Boy Lord Shiva
Aathithya  Tamil Girl The Sun, Lord Shiva
Aathithyaa  Tamil Boy The Sun, Lord Shiva
Aathithyan  Tamil Boy Lord Shiva
Aathithyen  Tamil Boy Lord Shiva
Aathiyannal  Tamil Boy Lord Shiva
Aathy  Tamil Boy Lord Shiva, Sun, First, Adjuster
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