Names that mean Supporter

Aeowyn Supporter, Somebody, Friend, Quality
Akalsahai Undying Succourer, Supporter
Ansaar Arabic Plural of Nasir, Supporter, Friend, Patron
Ansar Arabic Helper, Friend, Patron, Supporter
Aowyn Quality, Friend, Supporter, Somebody
Awan Arabic Friend, Quality, Somebody, Supporter
Awin Friend, Quality, Supporter, Somebody
Awon Native American Friend, Somebody, Quality, Supporter
Awun Native American Supporter, Somebody, Friend, Quality
Awyn Native American Supporter, Somebody, Friend, Quality
Bhudhara Sanskrit Shiva, Supporter of the Earth, Lord Krishna
Dastgeer Arabic Supporter, Helper
Dastgir Arabic Saint, Helper, Protector, Patron
Deentek Supporter of the Helpless
Dharampal Protector of Religion, The Supporter of Righteousness
Dharinan Observer of the Right Path, Supporter of Dharma
Dharmadhara Sanskrit Supporter of Dharma
Dhatr Sanskrit Creator, Establisher, Founder, Supporter
Dhrtasena Sanskrit A King of Steady Mind
Haami Arabic Patron, Protector, Defender, Supporter
Hameesi Arabic Supporter, Patron, Defender, Protector
Hami Defender, Protector, Patron, From Swahili
Imadullah Arabic Supporter of Allah
Insar Arabic Supporter, Helper
Mansurah Arabic Victorious, Supporter
Moeen Arabic Supporter, Helper
Moinulislam Arabic Supporter of the Islam
Muawin Arabic Assistant, Helper, Supporter
Mueen Arabic Supporter, Assistant, One who Helps, Helper
Muin Arabic One who Helps, Helper, Assistant, Supporter
Muin-ud-Din Arabic One who Helps, Helper, Supporter, Assistant
Muinul-Islam Arabic Supporter of Islam
MuinulIslam Arabic Supporter of Islam
Mujir Arabic Defender, Protector, Supporter, Helper
Musaid Arabic Helper, Supporter, Assistant
Muzahir Arabic Defender, Protector, Supporter
Naasir Arabic Supporter, Defender, Protector, Granting Victory
Nahsir One who Helps, Assister, Protector, Helper of God
Naradhara Sanskrit Supporter of Mankind
Nas Success, Helpers, Assister, Helper of God
Nasear One who Helps, Announcer, Helper of God, Assister
Naseara Arabic Dedicated to God, Glowing Star, Victorious, One who Helps
Nasearah Arabic Dedicated to God, Glowing Star, Victorious, One who Helps
Naseer Arabic Helper, Friend, Defender, Success
Naseera Arabic Helper, Supporter, Glowing Star, One who Helps
Naseir One who Helps, Supporter, Helpers, Exposer
Naser Arabic Friend, Helper of God, Announcer, One who Scatters
Nashir One who Helps, Announcer, Protector, Assister
Nasier Defender, One who Scatters, Friend, Granting Victory
Nasiir Nasir Meaning Supporter Helper Protector, Assister, Helpers, Friend