Gothic girl names

Found 47 gothic girl names.

 AdosindaStrong, Powerful, Fight, Battle
 AlbiraWhite, Blond, Elf Council, Close
 AlmaEducated, The Word Alma with the Meaning Soul, Nourishing, Kind
 AmalasandaBrave, Efficient, Emulus, Aspirations
 AmalasandeBrave, Efficient, Emulus, Aspirations
 AmalasandiaBrave, Efficient, Emulus, Aspirations
 AmaldaEfficient, Brave, Aspirations, Emulus
 AmaliaEfficient, Emulus, Brave, Aspirations
 AmalieBrave, Efficient
 AmalijiEfficient, Aspirations, Brave, Emulus
 AmalitaEfficient, Aspirations, Emulus, Brave
 AmialionaEfficient, Brave, Emulus, Aspirations
 AmyleahAspirations, Emulus, Efficient, Brave
 AmylyaEmilia, Effort, Work Labour, Beautiful
 DiddieRaging Woman, Delight, Swarthy, Fear
 Ella MaeShining, Beautiful Fairy Woman, Foreign, Gabriella
 EllettaShining, My God is Perfect, -Ella, Bright Light
 ElodeahForeign, Wealth
 ElodiaForeign, Wealth
 ElodieFree Possession, Wealth, Propriety, Foreign
 ElviraLively, Troop, "Spear" and "Guardian", White
 ElvireTrue, Lively, Noble and Guardian
 ElvyraClose, White, Lively, Troop
 ElvyrahClose, White, Lively, Troop
 EmelinaHome and Sweet, Brave
 EmelineIndustrious, Home and Sweet, Brave, Hardworking
 EmelyneEmbracing Everything, Brave, Home and Sweet
 EmmelineHome and Sweet, Brave
 ErmyntrudeGreat, Immense, Universal
 FerdinandaBold Protector, Peace
 FernandaPeace, Bold
 FernandineBold Protector
 FerniBold Protector, Peace and Courageous
 GumercindaPowerful, Human Being, Man, Strong
 GumersindaPowerful, Human Being, Man, Strong
 GumesindaPowerful, Human Being, Man, Strong
 MaliA Ruler, Bitter, Industrious, Native of Magdala
 NaniceMercy, Peace, Voyage, Form of Anna
 NanonaMercy, Graceful, Grace
 NanoneMercy, Graceful, Grace
 NanoniaMercy, Graceful, Grace
 NinonaMercy, Grace, Graceful
 NinoneMercy, Grace, Graceful
 NinoniaMercy, Grace, Graceful
 TrudeaStrength of a Spear, Power, Force, Beloved
 TrudeyStrength of a Spear, Beloved, Power, Force
 WirkeImpartial Judgement, Lively, Al Meaning All, "Spear" and "Guardian"