Gothic baby names

Goths were the Germanic people who played a major role in the fall of the Western Roman Empire and the exposure of Medieval Europe. During Victorian period, Gothic Revival which is also known as Gothic Victorian or Neo-Gothic was one of the leading trends.

Gothic babies naming tradition are based on the culture that combines romanticism with horror. Gothic baby names are taken from literature, fashion, music, and architecture. These names are little shadowy and a lot mysterious, they have a dark and daring touch such as the names Damien and Ophelia. In contrary to what most of the people think, Gothic names are not outlandish or weird, in fact some Gothic names are extremely wearable. Although, the trend of using Gothic baby names is not as common now as it was in the Victorian period, but it does not mean that it has fallen into obscurity.

Below is the 120+ fascinating list of Gothic baby names.

 AdosindaGStrong, Powerful, Fight, Battle
 AdosindoBStrong, Powerful, Fight, Battle
 AfonsoBBattle, Noble and Fast, Fight
 AlbiraGWhite, Blond, Elf Council, Close
 AlfonsBBattle, Embattled, Fight
 AlfonsaBFight, Battle
 AlfonsoBNoble and Eager, Spanish Form of Alphonse, Embattled, Ready for Battle
 AlfonzusBNoble and Fast, Fight, Embattled, Spanish Form of Alphonse
 AllohnzoBEager for Battle, Ready for a Fight
 AlmaUEducated, The Word Alma with the Meaning Soul, Nourishing, Kind
 AlonsoBBattle, Fight, Embattled
 AlonzoBEager for Battle, Ready for a Fight
 AlpheyBAll and Peace, Elf, Counsel from the Elves, Form of Alfred
 AlphonsBEmbattled, Fight, Noble and Fast, Battle
 AlphonseBEmbattled, Eager, Fight, Noble and Fast
 AlphonzusBEager, Noble, Fight, Spanish Form of Alphonse
 AlvareoBDeep, Guard, Protector, All
 AlvaroBDeep, Protector, Guard, All
 AlveroBAll, Protector, Deep, Guard
 AlwarBName of a City, All, Guard
 AmalasandaGBrave, Efficient, Emulus, Aspirations
 AmalasandeGBrave, Efficient, Emulus, Aspirations
 AmalasandiaGBrave, Efficient, Emulus, Aspirations
 AmaldaGEfficient, Brave, Aspirations, Emulus
 AmaliaGEfficient, Emulus, Brave, Aspirations
 AmalieGBrave, Efficient
 AmalijiGEfficient, Aspirations, Brave, Emulus
 AmalitaGEfficient, Aspirations, Emulus, Brave
 AmélieEmilia, Amalia, Efficient, Emulus
 AmelineBasswood Plate, The Brave, Emulus, Efficient
 AmialionaGEfficient, Brave, Emulus, Aspirations
 AmyleahGAspirations, Emulus, Efficient, Brave
 AmylyaGEmilia, Effort, Work Labour, Beautiful
 AtalikBLittle Father, King of the Huns
 AtliBLittle Father
 AttilaBLittle Father
 AttylaBKing of the Huns, Little Father
 DedreckBKing of Nations, The People's Ruler
 DeidricBRuler of the People, Folk
 DeidrikBRuler of the People, Folk
 DeriqBFirst of the People
 DerrckBThe People's Ruler, King of Nations
 DerrecBThe People's Ruler, King of Nations
 DiddieGRaging Woman, Delight, Swarthy, Fear
 DiedrikBRuler, Folk
 DierichBFolk, Ruler of the People
 DieterichBFolk, Ruler
 DietrycBRuler, Folk
 DietryckBRuler, Folk
 DietyrBRuler, Folk
 DietzBRuler, Folk
 DircBRuler of the People, Folk
 DycBStrong Power, First of the People, Powerful, Dominant Ruler
 DyckBStrong Power, First of the People, Powerful, Dominant Ruler
 Ella MaeGShining, Beautiful Fairy Woman, Foreign, Gabriella
 EllettaGShining, My God is Perfect, -Ella, Bright Light
 ElodeahGForeign, Wealth
 ElodiaGForeign, Wealth
 ElodieGFree Possession, Wealth, Propriety, Foreign
 ElviraGLively, Troop, "Spear" and "Guardian", White
 ElvireGTrue, Lively, Noble and Guardian
 ElvyraGClose, White, Lively, Troop
 ElvyrahGClose, White, Lively, Troop
 EmelinaGHome and Sweet, Brave
 EmelineGIndustrious, Home and Sweet, Brave, Hardworking
 EmelyneGEmbracing Everything, Brave, Home and Sweet
 EmmelineGHome and Sweet, Brave
 ErmenegildeBGild, Ermen
 ErmenegildoBGild, Ermen
 ErmyntrudeGGreat, Immense, Universal
 FerdiBold Protector, Peace and Courageous
 FerdinandBBeloved, To be Courageous, Peace, Daring
 FerdinandaUBold Protector, Peace
 FerdinandeBold Protector, Peace and Brave
 FerdinandoBPeace, Bold Protector
 FerdoBBold Voyager, Strong Man, Peace, Brave
 FernandBPeace and Courageous, Bold
 FernandaGPeace, Bold
 FernandineGBold Protector