Vrishabha rashi names

Vrishabha or Taurus rashi is the 2nd rashi in the Hindu zodiac. It is derived from the latin word Ταῦρος and meaning of this rashi is bull. The governing planet for Taurus rashi is Venus. It is an Earth Sign and has a negative polarity and a fixed modality, quality, or quadruplicity. People born under this zodiac sign are of short to middle height of broad forehead, plumpy, bright eyes and are ambitious and obstinate. They are connoisseurs of good food and a good life. They are hardworking, ambitious and can earn and are good for the executive jobs. Babies born under this zodiac sign have given the names with the starting letters Ae /E, Ai, I, U, O, Va/Vaa, Vi/Vee, Vu/Voo, Ba Bi, Ve, Vo, Be, Bo. Here are 10480 vrishabha rashi baby names.

 BaabuBGrandfather, A Native Clerk who Writes English, Child
 BaageshawareeGA Raga, Beauty
 BaageshwariGA Musical Raga in Carnatic
 BaalaGChild, An Ever 9 Year Old Girl, Young
 BaalaaGYoung, Child
 BaalaadityaBRisen Sun
 BaalaajiBLord Vishnu
 BaalaamaniGYoung Girl
 BaalaarkBThe Rising Sun
 BaalagopaalBBaby Krishna
 BaalahiGLittle Girl
 BaalanBLittle Boy
 BaalenBLittle Boy
 BaalkrishanBYoung Krishna
 BaalveerBPowerful, Strong
 BaaminiGGoodess Lakshmi
 BaanBGod's Hymns
 BaananBWhite, Delicate, Finger Tips
 BaanbhattBName of an Ancient Poet
 BaaniGFounder, Goddess Saraswati, Maiden, Originator
 BaankeBLord Krishna
 BaanujaGthe One who Likes Song, The One who Can Sing
 BaanuraekhaGSun Rays
 BaarathiGGreat Tamil Poet
 BaarathyBGreat Tamil Poet
 BaarikaGBe Successful, Bloom
 BaashirBBringer of Good News
 BaasimBSmiling, Happy
 BaasuBWealthy, Rich
 BaavanaGFacial Expression
 BaawanaGFacial Expression
 BabaBBabies on Thursday, Sweet Baby
 BabakBCharacter from the Shahnameh, Faithful, Young Father
 BabaljeetGFull with Love
 BabarBLion, King of Jungle
 BabatBFortunate, Lucky
 BabayGSmall Kid
 BabetaGLittle Girl
 BabhraviGVictorious, Carrying
 BabhruUBrown, Fire, Fierce
 BabijiBGood Person
 BabilBRenowned for Wine and Magic, East, Gate of God, Planet Jupiter
 BabilaBGate, A House, Swift
 BabitaGLittle Girl, Polite
 BabithaGBorn in the First Quarter of an Astrological Day, Little Girl
 BabiyaBMiraculous Things
 BabiyahBMiraculous Things
 BableenGImbued In Lords Name, Imbued in Lord's Name
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