The name meaning

Gender: Unisex, both Boy and Girl
Origin: Vietnamese
Usage: Vietnamese
Pronunciation: th()-the
Meaning: Promised
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What does The mean?

Infrequent unisex name The means "Promised" has its origin in Vietnamese is used principally in Vietnamese.

How do I pronounce The?

The most common way to pronounce two syllabled The is th()-the.

How popular is the name The?

The is a rare baby name in United States where it may not be used now as it was last seen in 1991 and also in France. However things change on global perspective, The is extremely popular in Vietnam where every 1 in 800 have the name.

Also the baby name is popular in Myanmar, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia and Egypt. At least, 210000 people globally have carried The as their given name according to our findings.



The in Nordic countries

First NameSecondary NameFirst NameSecondary Name

Numerological analysis of The

You are easily adaptable to changes and used to take the high road to success. No one is as kind these days and has the same heart as you do. You should avoid treating other people like you are better than them. Every challenge is there to sharpen your focus and improve your survival skills. You sometimes feel you are trapped in a cage that is also created by yourself. If you had to choose which animal you want to trade your human body with, you would choose a bird?

Other names similar to The, for would be parents

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Famous people named The

  • The Goodies, trio of British comedians: Tim Brooke-Taylor
  • The Culture, fictional interstellar post-scarcity civilization or society created by the Scottish writer Iain M. Banks and features
  • The Belmonts, American doo-wop group from the Bronx, New York
  • The Bran Flakes, Canadian-American indie pop group
  • The Two Coreys, were two actors, popular in the 1980s
  • The Cubby Creatures, are the musical arm of The Cubby
  • The Hacker, French electroclash and techno producer
  • The Dream Weavers, American popular music, vocal group, famous
  • The Regents, were an American doo-wop vocal group
  • The Four Tunes, leading black pop vocal quartet during the 1950s
  • The Dawn Parade, British rock band from Bury St Edmunds
  • The Gravel Pit, band from Boston's underground music scene circa
  • The Doll Family, German American quartet of dwarf siblings
  • The Mar-Keys,
  • The Collins Kids, were an American rockabilly duo featuring Lawrencine "Lorrie" Collins and her younger brother Lawrence "Larry" Collins
  • The Avons, British pop vocal group
  • The Matrix, pop music writing and production team
  • The Chris Farley Show, sketch
  • The Persuaders, New York City-based R&B vocal group best
  • The Adventures of Stevie V, British dance music act from Bedfordshire, England
  • The Jellys, three piece English punk/pop band
  • The Duke, racehorse that won the first Great Liverpool Steeplechase at Aintree
  • The Silhouettes, number 1 hit on the 'Billboard' R&B singles chart and pop singles chart
  • The O'Rahilly, founding member of the Irish Volunteers
  • The Mood, British pop band from 1981 to 1984, based in York
  • The Duprees, American musical group of doo-wop style
  • The Jackrabbit Factor, self-help book written by Leslie Householder and published
  • The Mascara Snake, American painter and musician
  • The Michael Teachings, body of channeled New Age spiritual doctrine that originated in the early 1970s as a 'conversation' via a Ouija board between members of a spiritual study group
  • The Jive Five, American doo wop group
  • The Caravelles, British duo girl band, best
  • The Flairs, were an American doo-wop group
  • The Vernons Girls, were an English musical ensemble of female vocalists
  • The Grogs, Canadian puppet company troupe active
  • The Odorants, Finnish punk rock band
  • The Zeros, American punk rock band,
  • The Yes/No People,
  • The Sutherland Brothers,
  • The Baby Snooks Show, American radio program starring comedian and 'Ziegfeld Follies' alumna Fanny Brice as a mischievous young girl who was 40 years younger than the actress
  • The Heartbeats, 1950s American doo-wop group best
  • The Moriss Taylor Show, was one of the longest-running locally produced television shows
  • The Alberts, British music/comedy troupe of the mid-1950s to mid-1960s
  • The Chords, 1950s American doo-wop group
  • The Highwaymen, 1960s "collegiate folk" group
  • The Senator, biggest and oldest bald cypress tree in the world
  • The Marshes, American punk band,
  • The Fabulous Sports Babe, semi-fictional character
  • The Jarmels, American doo wop/rhythm and blues group officially
  • The Essex, American R&B vocal group formed in 1962
  • The Four Step Brothers, were an African-American dance group
  • Thea Constantine in Life/Drawing as Actress
  • Themie Zgonis in My Last Sunday as Actress
  • The Ready Set is an electronic and electropop rock project formed in Fort Wayne, Indiana in 2007;
  • The Aladdins is the composer of movie Mondo Topless
  • In 2017, The Great Gidayû portrayed the role of N in comedy, thriller flick Vivianne: Busô Jet.
  • In 2008, The Dalai Lama played the role of The Dalai Lama in documentary movie Dancing in Amdo.
  • In action and adventure movie, The wizard & the commodore: Rekohu/Chathams islands, The Wizard of New Zealand played The Wizard of New Zealand.
  • The Naked Cowboy played vital character of The Naked Cowboy in 2005 adventure, horror movie Survive This.
  • The Smoky Mountain Boys, from 1949 action and comedy flick Home in San Antone, who played the Roy Acuff Band.
  • In 1946, The Georgia Crackers characterized the role of Musicians in action and adventure movie The Fighting Frontiersman.
  • The Texas Playboys played the crucial role of Musicians, Cowhands in 1944 action and adventure flick The Last Horseman.
  • In 1938, The Ritz Brothers characterized the role of The Ritz Brothers in comedy, musical flick Straight Place and Show.
  • In 1946, The Bronco Busters played the role of Musicians, Ranch Hands in music, western film Galloping Thunder.
  • In 1939 action and adventure film, Hell's Kitchen, The Dead End Kids portrayed N.
  • In 2004, The Lu Le played the role of Kim in drama movie Mùa len trâu.
  • In 1951 musical film, The Rage of Burlesque, The Terry Twins characterized Singers.

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