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Posted on: May 12th, 2017by Ruth Fitzpatrick

We know you'd give your baby the sun, moon and stars, if you could! But for starters, why not give them one of these 10 beautiful cosmos-inspired names:

Samson More substantial than Sam and more powerful than Samuel, Samson evokes the supernatural strength of its Biblical namesake. However, its soft consonants give it a certain sing-song sound, ensuring that it doesn't sound too macho or aggressive. In fact, we think Samson almost has a cuddly element to it! In the original Hebrew it meant 'sun'; an excellent name for your bright, shining boy!

Selena We absolutely love this smooth, serene sounding name. It means 'moon goddess', making it an extremely regal and powerful name too. The Greek variant, Selene, has a certain chicness to it that could be perfect for your serene (!) little princess.

Aiden One of the most popular Irish names to have made it big stateside, it currently ranks in the top 15. Steeped in mythology and folklore, the name Aiden comes from the Celtic sun god, Aodh. Aiden means 'little and fiery', which sounds like an incredibly appropriate description of many toddlers we know! The more tradition Irish spelling of the name, Aidan, is a common variant in the US too, but Aiden has now become the standard. St. Aidan's day is celebrated in both June and August, so this could be a good name for a summer arrival.

Helen The most famous of all Helens – she of Troy – is synonymous with otherworldly beauty. The name itself means 'bright, shining light', and has spawned multiple variations. We like Helene for its French-sounding elegance, and Leonora for something a little bit different, but the classic Helen is a lovely name in its own right and is currently seeing a revival in popularity.

Cosmo For the budding astronaut or physicist, look no further than Cosmo! It definitely has a very unique playful ring to it, but its ancient origins means it doesn't sound too outlandish! Literally meaning 'order, beauty', most prospective parents will associate it with the universe and its exploration. If you love the idea but are worried your little boy might get mixed up with the popular cocktail, then the Italian variant, Cosimo, might be an alternative!

Esther This 'star' of a name had to shake off an undeserved "old-woman" image at the end of the 20th century, but it's been on the rise ever since, and now looks set to stay in the top 200. The original Esther was a beautiful Persian queen, associated with learning and knowledge, and some have even gone as far as to say that she was somewhat of a Biblical feminist icon. If you're looking for a name with some serious ancient girl power: look no further than Esther!

Finlo This one is definitely going to be new to most people in the US, but given how much we love "Fin-" names stateside, we can't see this name causing too much consternation. Pronounced Finn-low, Finlo is a Manx name meaning 'fair Lugh'. Lugh was yet another Celtic sun god who at one time was worshiped all across northern Europe. The Irish Gaelic word for August is still named after Lugh – Lúnasa – making this an extra good choice for a summer baby!

Luna Popularized most recently by the Harry Potter series, this Roman moon goddess's name has jumped up all the recent name lists, currently sitting at #110. More playful than the serene and supernatural sounding Selena, Luna is a magical name with magical possibilities!

Ciro A glamorous sounding variation of Cyrus, we feel this name has a lot of potential. Cyrus the Great was a powerful Persian empire-builder, and his name has been interpreted as meaning either 'throne' or 'of the sun'. The Italian version, Ciro, has a very cool and fresh vibe to it while still having ancient connotations. We admit there might be some issues with it rhyming with the word 'zero', but much more importantly: it also rhymes with 'hero'!

Aylin Common sounding but still completely unique, this Turkish girls' name meaning 'moon halo' ticks most of our baby name boxes! A very traditional name in its native land, Aylin has unexpectedly risen in popularity in the US too and is now in the top 400. We love the imagery of a little moon angel, and think this one is an absolute winner!

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