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Posted on: July 26th, 2017by Casey Anderson

If you’re thinking of the best name for your baby, chances are you thinking about their education too. It’s something most parents worry about and some even relocate to be in the neighborhood with the best schools. But, this site isn’t about schools and education, we like to talk about parenting and baby names.

But, one of the things we think is most important about education is great teachers. Teachers make a huge impact on a child’s life. Maybe you want to honor teachers or maybe you want your child to grow up to be an incredible teacher. We were thinking about both those things when we decided to look for baby name inspiration in the name of some world famous teachers!

So, read on to find some great educators to name your child after that they could one day live up to!


Erin (for Erin Gruwell) Erin is a name that means “from Ireland” and is often used as a poetic name for Ireland. It’s a great Irish name, even if you’re not! Erin Gruwell is an American teacher with a unique style which led to the writing of the book The Freedom Writer’s Diary. It’s an exceptionally read about real teens and real life. There is also a movie.

Christa (for Christa McAuliffe) Christa is a short form of Christina. It means “a Christian.” Christa McAuliffe was an American social studies teacher who was chosen by NASA to be the first teacher in space. Unfortunately due to the explosion of the Challenger she did not make it. But she has continued to inspire students and other teachers around the world.

Louanne (for LouAnne Johnson) This name is believed to have come from the name “Luana” which is Hawaiian and means “happiness, pleasure.” LouAnne Johnson is a teacher who authored the book now titled Dangerous Minds, which inspired a movie of the same name, about teaching inner city kids.

Emma (for Emma Willard) Emma is a German name that means “universal woman.” Emma Willard created the first higher education institution for women in the United States. Until that point higher education was considered to be only for men. She had to fight and work hard to succeed in this and in the end she won over the people needed and earned their respect.

Septima (for Septima Poinsette Clark) Septima is an old fashioned but respected name. It means “seventh one” and was often used as a name for the seventh child. We think it sounds elegant and important. Septima Clark was an American educator and civil rights activist. She created “citizenship workshops” to teach literacy and citizenship rights.


Jamie (for Jaime Escalante) Jaime is known as a unisex name but was originally a masculine given name, it means “to supplant.” Jaime Escalante became famous because so many of his students passed the challenging Advanced Placement Calculus exam that the testing service believed it to be suspicious. Students were retested and found to achieve the same results. He want on to send many students through the AP test with high scores.

Oliver (for Oliver Sacks) The name Oliver has many different believed origins and meanings but the two most common are “affectionate” and “olive tree.” Oliver Sacks was a neurologist who wrote many significant books about the neurology. He was an instructor and clinical professor of neurology at several prestigious universities.

Lawrence (for Lawrence Joshua Chamberlain) Lawrence means “city of laurels” and is derived from a name of a city in ancient Italy. I’ve always liked the distinguished sound of the name. Lawrence Joshua Chamberlain was an American college professor who volunteered for the Union army in the Civil War. He achieved many military victories and taught again later in life.

Booker (for Booker T. Washington) The name Booker means “dealing with or making books” and was originally a surname. We think this name is currently under appreciated. Booker Washington was a very famous American educator. He was from the last generation of black Americans born into slavery and became a voice and inspiration for former slaves and their children. One of his most famous books is Up from Slavery.

Friedrich (for Friedrich Fröbel) Friedrich means “calm monarch” which sounds like a great thing! It’s a different form of Fredrick, and a more unique way of naming your son. Friedrich Fröbel was a German pedagogue who revolutionized the way the world things about early education. He created the concept of kindergarten, and made educational toys still in use today.

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